53 Difficult Situation Riddles for Smart Kids with Answers

Smart kids are curious. They always want to find new things to learn and exciting ways to use their brains. In a world filled with screens and gadgets, it’s important to exercise your brain muscles too. That’s where riddles come in.

Riddles are like puzzles for your mind, and they can be a lot of fun. They can also help you become a better problem-solver and think in new and creative ways.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore tricky riddles designed just for clever kids like you. Some of these riddles might make you think really hard. But don’t worry; we’ve included the answers so you can figure them out.

These riddles are for smart kids looking for a cool challenge and wanting to impress their friends and family. Parents also need riddles to have some brainy fun with their children. Teachers also need riddles to search for exciting classroom activities. So whether you’re a teenager or an adult, you’re in the right place.

difficult riddles for smart kids

So, get ready to brain teaser riddles and have a blast with our collection of 53 difficult situation riddles for smart kids. Let’s dive in and start the riddle-solving adventure!

Riddle 1

A man was driving his truck. His headlights were off, and the moon was not out. Up ahead, a woman was crossing the street. How did he see her? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 2

A man riding a horse arrives in a small town on Friday. He decides to stay for three days and leaves on Friday. How is this possible? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 3

You are in a room with two doors. One leads to a room full of fire, and the other leads to a room full of lions that haven’t eaten in three months. Which door do you choose? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 4

You are walking in the forest, and you see a cabin. Inside the cabin, there are two people dead on the floor. There is no sign of violence and no weapons. How did they die? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 5

You have three boxes. One box contains apples, another box has oranges, and the third box holds both apples and oranges. The boxes are labeled incorrectly, so that no label matches the contents of the box. How can you label the boxes correctly by only opening one box and taking out one fruit? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 6

You are in a room that has no light. There are only three things in the room: a candle, a wood stove, and a gas lamp. You only have one match left. What do you light first? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 7

A man lives on the 12th floor of a building. Every day, he uses the elevator to go down to the ground floor for work. When he comes back home, he takes the elevator only up to the 8th floor and then uses the stairs to reach his apartment on the 12th floor. He hates walking, so why does he do it? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 8

A man is lying dead in a field. Next to him, there is an unopened package. There is no other creature in the field. How did he die? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 9

You are standing outside a room with three switches. Inside the room, there are three light bulbs. Both switches and light bulbs are turned off. Each switch is connected to one light bulb, but you don’t know which switch controls which bulb. You can only go into each room once, and you can’t see inside one room from the other. How can you find out which switch goes with each light bulb? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 10

Two men are running a 99-meter race. The first man runs at a constant speed of 10 meters per second. The second man starts at a speed of 7 meters per second, but his speed increases by 1 meter per second every second. Who will win the race? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 11

A clock loses 2 minutes every hour. How many hours will it take for the clock to lose 24 minutes? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 12

A man is running in a three-legged race and passes the person in second place. What place is the man in now? See Answers 1 to 12

Riddle 13

Three spies, suspected of being double agents, were questioned. They made the following statements:

  • Agent A said, “Agent B is a spy.”
  • Agent B said, “Agent C is a spy.”
  • Agent C said, “Agent B is lying.”

Assuming that spies always lie while other agents tell the truth and that there is only one spy among the three, we need to determine who the spy is. See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 14

A man is looking at a picture of a woman. He says, “I don’t have any brothers or sisters, but the person who is the father of this woman is the son of my father.” Who is the woman in the picture? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 15

You look at a boat that is full of people. It has not sunk. But when you look again, you don’t see a single person on the boat. Why is that? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 16

You draw a line. Without touching it, how do you make it longer? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 17

A man dies of old age on his 25th birthday. How? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 18

A taxi driver is going in the opposite direction on a one-way street. He goes past four police officers during his journey, but none of them attempt to stop him. What is the reason the police didn’t stop him? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 19

There was a fair where a boy met a man who proposed a challenge. “I’ll write down ‘how much you weigh’ on this paper. If I’m right, you give me $100. If I’m wrong, I’ll give you $100.” The boy agreed, thinking he could always lie about his weight. But he lost $100 anyway. How did the man trick him? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 20

I have 10 books on the table, and I assign each one a number from 1 to 10. I just put the seventh book on the shelf. How many books remain on the table? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 21

The teacher is yelling. She closes the door and the windows. Only books are open. All students are quiet. But still, what remains loud in the room? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 22

Two dads and two kids went to get apples. They get three apples. One dad said, That’s all we need. Now, each gets one apple. How? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 23

A leader was assassinated, and there were three suspects: Colton, Bentley, and Sonnet. The police found a clue: a code written in the hand of the leader: “719982”. Who assassinated the leader? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 24

A man told a joke and made everyone laugh. He said it again, but fewer people found it funny. He said it a third time, but no one laughed anymore. Why? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 25

A man had a fox, a hen, and a bag of rice. He needed to cross a river and found a small boat, which could only carry one man and one more thing—the fox, the hen, or the rice—at a time. He could not leave the fox with the hen or the hen with the rice. How does he get everything to the other side? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 26

When Leonardo was seven, he marked the tree with paint at his eye level. He came back when he was seventeen, a whole decade later. The tree had grown four centimeters every year. How much above Leonardo’s eyes was the paint? See Answers 13 to 26

Riddle 27

A clothing store in Paris has a clever trick for pricing. The trick is related to the letters of the name. A pair of jeans costs $25, a watch costs $25, a ring costs $20, and a sweater costs $35. How much would a hat cost? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 28

A man died near a 14-story building. The police think he jumped from the building, but you think someone pushed him. You want to show the police they are wrong. Now, you go to every floor in the building and do the same thing: open the window and drop a coin. You do this until you get to the 14th floor, then you open the window and drop a coin. How does this show he didn’t jump? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 29

A wealthy woman wanted to give all of her riches to one of her three daughters, but she didn’t know which one deserved it the most. She gave each of them a small amount of money and told them to buy something that would be able to cover their bedroom floor. The first daughter bought paper, but there was not enough to cover the floor. The second daughter bought carpet but still did not cover the floor. The third daughter bought two things that covered the floor, so she inherited her mother’s wealth. What were the two things that the third daughter bought? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 30

There are five juicy mangoes in a basket and five hungry girls who want them. How can you give each girl a mango and still leave one in the basket? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 31

You are in the forest. There are 28 birds in the trees. You shot 24. How many birds remain in the forest? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 32

You are trapped in a room with two doors. One door leads to freedom, and the other door leads to death. There are two guards in front of both doors. One guard always tells the truth, and the other guard always lies. You don’t know which guard is honest. You can only ask a single question to one guard to know which door to open. What question do you ask? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 33

You are driving a car. At a bus stop, you see three people waiting: an old lady who needs to go to the hospital; your best friend John, who once saved your life; and your dream date, the Jennifer you’ve always wanted to meet. Unfortunately, your car only has one seat. Who do you take with you? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 34

Three farmers were digging in a field when they accidentally burst a water pipeline. Each farmer had a different tool: the first farmer had a three-bladed tool, the second had a nine-bladed tool, and the third had a 12-bladed tool. After the incident, they found six holes in the pipeline. Which farmer caused the damage? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 35

Zoe was hiking from the campsite through the mountains when she got lost. It was morning, and the fog made everything look unclear. In the damp surroundings, Zoe spotted three bridges. To continue her journey, Zoe needs to cross one of these bridges. The first bridge had electric wires; the second bridge had angry bears; and the third bridge had rumors about ghosts that would haunt everyone. Which bridge will Zoe choose? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 36

A robber has kidnapped a woman and her child. Inspector Roderick follows the robber and reaches the hideout. When the robber sees him, he throws a bomb and says it will explode in 10 seconds. There’s a narrow hall downstairs where only one person can pass at a time. The robber goes out through that hall immediately. The robber challenges Inspector Roderick and the others to decide who will go through the hall. Now how will Inspector Roderick save the woman and the child in 10 seconds? See Answers 27 to 36

Riddle 37

Charlie was coming home from school through the forest when he lost his way. It was afternoon, and the sun was shining. Charlie sees three tunnels ahead. To continue his journey, he needed to choose one of the tunnels. The first tunnel had poisonous snakes; the second tunnel had wild tigers; and the third tunnel had man-eating bats that would suck human blood. Which tunnel will Charlie choose? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 38

A train is at the station, and some passengers are inside it. After a while, the train starts moving. At the next stop, twenty people get off, and ten new people get on the train. Now there are seventy passengers on the train. You can figure out how many passengers were on the train when it was at the first station. See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 39

Once, there was a king who didn’t have a queen, sons, or daughters. He wanted to decide the next ruler. So he gave all the children in the kingdom a single seed and told them that the one with the largest, most beautiful plant would become the new king or queen. On the appointed day, all the children showed huge plants, but the king chose a little girl who had an empty plant pot as his successor. Why? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 40

Two trains are moving towards each other. On the same track, on the same day, at exactly eight o’clock, both trains did not collide with each other. How is this possible? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 41

A crazed kidnapper has captured Alexis. He wants to play a shooting game with Alexis. He puts two bullets in the revolver, spins the chamber, and shoots himself, but it survives. Then he gives Alexis the revolver and gives him two options: either spin the revolver chamber again or shoot straight into his own brain. Now what is Alexis going to do so that he will be safe? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 42

Suppose a friend of yours asks you for help. He gives you $20 to buy one thing that he can eat, drink, feed his cow, and have his seed grow in the field. You can buy just one item for $20. So what will you buy for your friend? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 43

Every day, San Francisco banks were getting robbed one after the other. The robbers would quickly escape before the police could get there. The police asked Detective Charles for help. Detective Charles carefully studied all the information about the bank robberies. He noticed that on Monday, a bank was robbed at 61st Street, on Tuesday at 72nd Street, and on Thursday at 84th Street. By looking at these details, detective Charles figured out which bank would be robbed on Friday. How? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 44

Four cars arrive at a four-way stop, each coming from a different direction. The traffic signal is not working. So they all decide to move forward at the same time. Surprisingly, they manage to avoid crashing into each other, and all four cars pass through. How did this happen? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 45

As a policeman was passing by a park, he suddenly heard someone shout, No, George, not the gun!” He hurried inside the park, where he found a doctor, a teacher, a milkman, and a dead body on the floor. Without witnessing the shooting, the policeman made a quick decision to arrest the milkman. Why? See Answers 37 to 45

Riddle 46

Amanda is a famous singer. She was performing at a concert in London. The concert went very well. She was very tired, so she went to her changing room. A lot of fans gathered in front of the changing room to meet him. Everyone had to get his autograph and take pictures with him. Four fans were allowed to meet Amanda for three minutes. When the fourth fan, who is a boy, goes to meet Amanda, he comes out panicked and tells everyone that Amanda has died.

Detective Martin arrives at the crime scene. Martin looks at the broken clock, which says 10:52. Martin asks the four fans to show him the picture he took with Amanda. The first girl shows the picture, and it says 10:43 on the clock in the picture. The picture with the other girl is at 10:47. The picture with the third girl is at 10:51. While the younger boy says that he could not take the picture because Amanda had already died, Detective Martin understood who committed the murder. Do you understand? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 47

Gabriella has to travel 70 kilometers in a 7-year-old electric car. As she sets off on her journey, she faces a strong crosswind blowing from the north to the south. Due to this, travel becomes difficult. After reaching the destination, how much gasoline did she use? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 48

There were three witches in a city who were afraid of the king. She would not pass near the king’s palace. One day, a fire broke out in the palace, but the king’s soldiers managed to put it out. The king angrily goes to all three witches and angrily asks them who destroyed my palace. The first witch says that she is a witch of the wind. She went on a visit to Sweden and doesn’t know anything. The second witch says she is a water witch, so how can she start a fire? She was on a visit to America and doesn’t know anything. The third witch says that she went to Australia and doesn’t know anything. After hearing the talk of the three, the king understands who started the fire. How? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 49

A robbery happened at Nicholas’s house. Nicholas calls Inspector Lestrade and tells him that his house had no electricity at the time of the robbery. It was dark in the house. I went to get the emergency light, and at that time the house bell rang. When I opened the door, a man was standing there wearing a mask. He showed me the gun and left with my valuables. Lestrade listens carefully to Nicholas, looks at the surroundings, and immediately understands that Nicholas is lying. How did Lestrade know? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 50

A grandfather was telling a story to his grandson. I was previously a senior officer in the Los Angeles Central Jail. No prisoner can escape from prison in my presence. Once upon a time, three thieves were planning to run away for a long time. The three planned to run away at intervals of twelve hours. The first thief tried to run away by jumping the wall at eleven o’clock in the night, but my dogs saw him, and I caught him. The second thief tried to run away from the river twelve hours later, but my sharp eyes saw him even at night, and my soldiers captured him. While the third thief did not try to run away for fear of me, I was so brave at that time. The grandson starts laughing and says, Grandfather, your story is false. How? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 51

Graham was kidnapped and kept in a big house in the forest. Graham finds a tunnel there. He still had some food with which he could last three days. He planned to escape through the tunnel at night. When he reached the end of the tunnel, he found two gates leading out of the house. When Graham looked at the first gate, he saw police soldiers. At the second gate, he saw dangerous dogs. Now, through which door will Graham escape from the house? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 52

Eighteen candles are burning in front of you. If 8 candles are extinguished from them, how many candles will be left? See Answers 46 to 53

Riddle 53

There was a king who was also a magician. He had a smart servant named Macklen. The king was pleased with Macklen’s cleverness. One day, the king said, “What do you want? I’ll make one of your wishes come true. You have only one day to decide.” When Macklen went home and shared this news, his family had different ideas. His mother couldn’t see and wanted her eyes back. His wife wanted children because they had no children, and his father wished for a lot of money due to their poverty. Macklen thought that I couldn’t make three wishes, so how can I make one wish to the magician king so that the wishes of his mother, wife, and father will also be fulfilled? See Answers 46 to 53

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Answer Riddles 1 to 12

  1. It was daytime.
  2. A horse named Friday
  3. The door with the lions, because they are probably dead by now.
  4. They died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas stove.
  5. Because the box contains both fruits, its size must be larger than the other two boxes. So, you can open the small box. If it is an apple, then you know that box contains only apples, and the other small box contains oranges. So, you can label it.
  6. The match
  7. The man is too short to reach the 12th floor button.
  8. The man had jumped out of a plane, and his parachute did not open. The package was his parachute.
  9. Turn on switch 1 and leave it on for a few minutes. Then turn it off and turn on switch 2. Enter the other room and see which light bulb is on (it’s controlled by switch 2). Touch the other two light bulbs and see which one is warm (it’s controlled by switch 1). Switch 3 controls the remaining light bulb.
  10. The second man will win the race. He will catch up with the first man at 70 meters and then surpass him. He will finish the race in 9 seconds, while the first man will finish in 10 seconds.
  11. It will take 12 hours for the clock to lose 24 minutes. This is because every hour, the clock shows 58 minutes instead of 60 minutes. So, after 12 hours, it will show 12 x 58 = 696 minutes instead of 12 x 60 = 720 minutes.
  12. The man is in second place. He passed the person who was in second place, but he hasn’t passed the person who was in first place.

Answer Riddles 13 to 26

  1. The spy is Agent B. Both Agent A and Agent C are telling the truth. When Agent A said, “Agent B is a spy,” they were telling the truth and providing the correct answer. When Agent B said, “Agent C is a spy,” it meant Agent B was accusing Agent C of being a spy. When Agent C responded, “Agent B is lying,” they were telling the truth and confirming that Agent B was indeed lying.
  2. The woman in the picture is the man’s daughter.
  3. All the people were married.
  4. You draw a shorter line next to it and compare them.
  5. He was born on February 29th (leap year day).
  6. The taxi driver was walking, not driving, on the one-way street.
  7. The man wrote “how much you weigh” on the paper.
  8. Nine. The only book with the number seven is among the ones I put on the shelf.
  9. The teacher is loud in the room.
  10. There was the dad, his kid, and his kid’s kid. This makes 2 dads and 2 kids for a total of 3!
  11. Sonnet, because 7 in English is Seven, 1 in English is One, and 9 in English is Nine. With this logic, 719982 spells Sonnet.
  12. He repeated the same joke three times. You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over.
  13. He takes the hen first, crosses the river, and comes back. Then he takes the fox, crosses the river, and brings the hen back. Next, he takes the rice bag and leaves it with the fox. He goes back to get the hen and crosses the river.
  14. The paint mark was still at Leonardo’s eye level because trees grow from their tops, not their bottoms.

Answer Riddles 27 to 36

  1. $15. The trick is to add $5 for each letter in the name.
  2. If he had jumped, he would have left the window open. You had to open every window so he wouldn’t jump.
  3. The clever daughter bought a floor lamp and a battery. After turning on the floor lamp, the light covered the entire room.
  4. You can give the last girl the whole basket with the mango inside.
  5. Zero. When you shot 24, the other four would have flown away.
  6. You can ask either guard: “If I ask the other guard which door leads to freedom, what will he say?” Then do the opposite of what he says.
    The logic is as follows: If you ask the truth-telling guard, he will tell you what the lying guard will say (which will be the wrong door). If you ask the lying guard, he will lie about what the truth-telling guard will say (which, again, will be the wrong door). So either way, you will get the wrong door as an answer, and you can choose the other door.
  7. You give your car keys to your best friend John and ask him to take the old lady to the hospital while you stay at the bus stop with your dream date, Jennifer.
  8. The first farmer caused the damage. He had a three-bladed tool. When his tool hit twice on the pipe, it created exactly six holes, leading to the burst pipeline.
  9. Zoe will choose the third bridge because she doesn’t believe in ghosts.
  10. Inspector Roderick thinks quickly and throws the bomb into the hall. The robber is killed due to the bomb blast inside the hall, but Inspector Roderick, the woman, and the child remain safe.

Answer Riddles 37 to 45

  1. Charlie will choose the third tunnel because the bats are sleeping during the day.
  2. 80 passengers. It’s a simple math calculation: 80 (initial passengers) – 20 (get off) + 10 (get on) = 70 (current passengers).
  3. The king had given all the children fake seeds that couldn’t grow. The little girl was the only one who didn’t pretend that her seed had grown into a plant.
  4. One train was coming at eight o’clock in the morning and another at eight o’clock at night.
  5. When Alexis has the revolver with two bullets in it, he shoots directly at the kidnapper and then quickly runs away.
  6. Watermelon. Watermelon can be eaten. Watermelon water can also be drunk. Watermelon rinds can be fed to cows, and watermelon seeds can be grown in fields.
  7. The answer is street number 65. The bank robberies were happening in a particular order. On Monday, which has six letters and is the first day of the week, the thief robbed the bank at street number 61. On Tuesday, which has 7 letters and is the second day of the week, the thief robbed the bank at street number 72. Now, Charis knows that there will be a bank robbery on Friday at street number 65.
  8. All four cars turned right.
  9. When he heard “No George”, the policeman instantly knew it was the milkman because “George” is the male name and he was the only male among the people inside. The doctor and teacher were both female.

Answer Riddles 46 to 53

  1. The third girl did the murder because all the fans were with Amanda for three minutes, so the fourth boy entered at 10:55, but the broken clock stopped at 10:52. The picture shows the third girl, and the clock in the picture displays 10:51. So Detective Martin realizes that the fight with the third girl broke the clock and killed Amanda.
  2. She was driving an electric car, so no gasoline was used during her journey.
  3. The second witch did, because the King had not told the witches that there was a fire in the palace. So, how did the second witch know that there was a fire in the palace? This made the King realize that the second witch was lying.
  4. Nicholas says that the light in the house went off, so how did the doorbell ring?
  5. The three thieves planned to run away after a gap of twelve hours. The first thief ran away at 11 p.m. The second thief was to flee twelve hours later, at eleven o’clock in the day. But the grandfather said that his soldier caught the second thief at night. So the grandson understood that the grandfather’s story was false.
  6. From the second gate, because Graham had food, some of which he threw toward the dogs. The dogs start eating food, and Graham easily runs away.
  7. Eight, because eight candles were extinguished. The rest of the candles will burn out on their own.
  8. Macklen will make a wish to the magician king that my mother wants to see her grandson rich.


As we finish our adventure with these riddles, we hope you had a great time solving them. Riddles are like secret tools that help our brains grow and become even smarter.

Remember, becoming a smart thinker is a lifelong adventure, and riddles are awesome companions along the way. Keep exploring, asking questions, and thinking hard. It’s how you’ll discover amazing things in life.

We want to say thank you for joining us on this riddle journey. We’ll be back with more exciting stuff in the future. Until then, keep your brain active, and may your days be full of wonder and clever thoughts!

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