8 Best Free Image Background Remover API for Web Developers

Google loves tool websites for their ability to provide valuable resources and a better online experience. Tool sites streamline AdSense approval and monetization. It is easier to make money using tool websites.

An image background remover is a tool that many people use. It is a popular tool, but creating one can be challenging for bloggers and beginner developers due to coding complexities. That’s where the APIs come in. With APIs, you can easily create an image background removal website.

In today’s digital world, AI images play a crucial role in capturing attention and conveying messages. With the right prompt, you can free-create AI images. However, removing the background from an AI image can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Especially for designers who need to process numerous images regularly. This is where image background removers come into play.

ai background remover api

Before AI technology, users removed backgrounds from images using Photoshop. They spent hours editing images manually. That’s why users seek sites that offer free background removal services. If you create a background remover tool site, you can attract a lot of traffic.

There are many companies that provide free and easy-to-use APIs that can help you create an image background remover script. These APIs use artificial intelligence and machine learning to accurately identify and separate the foreground subject from the background with high accuracy and quality.

You can obtain the programming code by providing ChatGPT with an API key and asking to write an image background removal script. ChatGPT will then create the script for you, so just follow its instructions.

In this article, we’ll share websites that offer free APIs to start with, and as your site gains traffic, you can upgrade to their premium plan for more API access.

1- Removal AI

Removal AI is a website that offers an easy and fast way to remove the background of any image using artificial intelligence. Users can upload their images and download a transparent image in seconds. They can also edit their images with a photo editor, add texts and effects, and customize their design with presets. Removal AI claims to offer high-quality, secure, and reliable background removal services for various purposes, such as e-commerce, design, photography, and marketing.

Removal AI also provides an API for developers who want to integrate this technology into their own applications. Their community is actively developing more tools to make integration even easier. The API is simple to use and supports different programming languages. Users can get a free API key and access the documentation on the website. You can easily integrate the background removal API into your WordPress website.

Removal AI Free Credits

In the free plan from Removal AI, you get 50 free credits every month. The API can handle up to 500 images per minute. But the actual speed depends on how big your images are and how fast your internet is. If you need help setting it up, just send a message to Removal AI from their contact page, and their team will assist you.

2- Clipdrop

The Clipdrop API is a fast way to remove the background of your pictures programmatically. You can use it to achieve impressive results, such as replacing the background with a different image, adding a transparent background, and removing text. This API boasts robust capabilities, including removing unwanted objects, upscaling images, and converting sketches into images. Reimagine your images by generating variations with similar yet different styles and replacing objects within your pictures using this versatile API.

Clipdrop Free API Credits

Authentication is a crucial aspect and you must authenticate each request with an API key. If you don’t have one, simply sign up at Clipdrop and request a Clipdrop API key through your account page. To make things even better, Clipdrop offers 100 free API credits upon registration. Users can use these credits for development and debugging purposes. However, once your free credits are exhausted, the API will reject further calls. But don’t worry; you can always purchase additional credits.

The background removal API is designed to make your life easier by automating the process of background removal. Whether you’re a professional photographer, graphic designer, blogger, or simply someone who wants to enhance their images, this API is a game-changer. To help you get started, Clipdrop provided example code snippets in various programming languages, including CURL, JavaScript, Python, Swift, and Kotlin.

To ensure a smooth experience for all users, the remove background API has a default rate limit of 60 requests per minute per API key. The supported file formats include PNG, JPG, and WEBP, with a maximum resolution of 25 megapixels and a file size limit of 30 MB. If your website experiences high traffic demand and you require a higher limit, feel free to contact Clipdrop; they will gladly accommodate your needs.

3- RemoveBG

See RemoveBG: One of the leading players in the background removal field is RemoveBG. Users can use the RemoveBG API to quickly create apps that remove backgrounds from multiple images at once, allowing them to earn money. Whether you’re a marketer or an Android app developer, RemoveBG makes your work faster.

RemoveBG Free API

Image editing has become an essential part of various industries, from e-commerce to content management. One crucial aspect of image editing is removing backgrounds, which can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms, RemoveBG can handle even the most challenging elements in a photo, such as intricate hair, with exceptional precision. As a RemoveBG user, you get 1 free credit for signing up and 50 free API calls for preview images each month.

The Remove BG API imposes rate limits to ensure fair usage and maintain optimal performance. For images with a resolution of 625 x 400 pixels (1 megapixel), the rate limit is 500 images per minute. As the resolution increases, the rate limit decreases proportionally. For example, a 6250 x 4000 pixel image (25 megapixels) has a rate limit of 20 images per minute.

Understanding the specifications of your input image is crucial for efficient background removal. The RemoveBG API supports images with foreground elements such as people, products, animals, cars, etc. The API accepts image files in formats such as JPG and PNG, so you should inform users to upload only in these formats.

4- Picsart

Picsart’s remove background API is a revolutionary tool for web developers to easily cut out people, objects, animals, and more from images. The Picsart API goes beyond simple cutting tasks. It opens up a world of possibilities for web developers. It offers an API for making AI images. An ultra-upscale API turns low-quality photos into high-quality ones quickly. The Picsart API also creates thumbnails and edits videos, and users can even create AI writer scripts.

The API’s advanced image processing algorithms guarantee precise and clean removal of backgrounds. For optimal results with Picsart, ensure your image has a less cluttered background, high contrast, and a clear foreground with sharp edges. The foreground should be visually distinct and occupy a significant portion of the photo. Supported formats include JPG, PNG, TIFF, and WEBP.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Picsart understands the importance of seamless integration into existing workflows. That’s why the remove background API is designed for easy integration into web hosts, site builders, mobile apps, and other tools you may already be using. With low-code deployment in mind, you can modify parameters to meet your specific needs and customize the API to fit perfectly within your workflow.

Picsart Free API Calls

When you register for a developer account, you’ll receive 100 free API calls per month with Picsart. This allows you to experiment with the Picsart API without any financial risk.

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Whether you are hosting a WordPress site or an iOS app, integrating this API on your platform can bring about significant changes to your website’s traffic and increase your site’s earnings. The API provides functionalities that enhance the user experience. Which, in turn, can attract more users. Engage them on your website to generate revenue from ads and subscriptions.

5- PicWish

PicWish background removal API is part of a suite of image processing solutions provided by PicWish, which includes features like ID photo generation, image compression, photo enhancement, and object removal. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, the PicWish API accurately identifies and separates foreground objects from their backgrounds, allowing users to create visually appealing images.

PicWish Free API Credits

Users can upload images in PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP, or BMP format, with sizes up to 15MB and resolutions up to 4096*4096px, as specified in the API documentation. Sign up to get your free API key and 50 credits at no cost.

The PicWish API supports three different call types: asynchronous, synchronous, and callback. The asynchronous call type enables users to submit a background removal request and retrieve the result later via polling. This approach is ideal for scenarios involving unstable network transmission. The synchronous call type provides real-time updates but may have a lower success rate in the presence of network issues. The callback call type combines the benefits of both approaches, where users receive a notification when the task is completed.

Integrating the background removal API into your WordPress and HTML5 sites is straightforward. PicWish provides examples in various programming languages, such as cURL, PHP, Java, Node.js, and Python. These examples demonstrate how to create a task, submit an image for background removal, and retrieve the processed result using the API calls and parameters.

PicWish prioritizes the stability of its server and ensures that all data is fully encrypted, complying with GDPR regulations. You can trust that your data is safe and secure while using the background removal API.

6- Photoroom

The Photoroom API provides a quick and precise background removal feature, making it easy to remove backgrounds from images. Its advanced technology guarantees accurate and high-quality results, producing clean images almost 100% of the time. This API enables the creation of powerful image editing tool websites. By connecting with Pixabay and DepositPhotos APIs, you can access large collections of images and generate captivating content for your brand and social media campaigns to promote your tool website.

In addition to the background remover API, Photoroom offers two more APIs. The generate background API helps make many high-quality pictures, while the image editing API allows for various editing tasks like resizing. These APIs make editing photos easier and improve overall image quality to enhance the user experience and boost sales.

Photoroom Free Plan

Making a tool with the Photoroom API and then giving your audience a subscription plan with a free option can help you get more customers. Additionally, Photoroom’s pricing plans are affordable, resulting in a higher return on investment. They offer flexible pricing options to suit businesses of all sizes. You can start with a free plan, which lets you preview up to 40 images per month without needing a credit card. For heavier usage, monthly subscription plans are available, with credits allocated based on the number of images processed. Furthermore, Photoroom provides an API guarantee, promising a refund if the API fails to accurately remove backgrounds.

Photoroom’s API is made to easily work with websites and apps. It works with common programming languages like cURL, JavaScript, Python, Swift, and Kotlin, so it fits with your favorite way of building things. The API guide has all the information you need to add background removal to your project smoothly.

7- WithoutBG

WithoutBG promises to provide excellent image cutouts. It uses smart computer programs and learning methods to accurately remove backgrounds while keeping the main thing unchanged. It works well even with difficult backgrounds, detailed pictures, or tricky foregrounds, giving you really good results.

WithoutBG understands the importance of seamless integration into web pages. To facilitate this, the API provides integration examples in popular programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Rust, Curl, and Go. These examples show you how to add the WithoutBG API to your website. Alternatively, you can provide ChatGPT with these examples and request the creation of a webpage script using the API for your tool website. ChatGPT will provide you with a ready-made script code. You can check the code, make any necessary changes, and easily create the correct script with minimal effort. Then, you can simply paste it onto your website.

WithoutBG encourages users to try their API and evaluate the quality of the results. The website offers example outputs in various categories like human, animal, product, minor details, complex background, and complex foreground. By reviewing these examples, you can understand WithoutBG capabilities and decide if they suit your image background removal needs.

WithoutBG Free Credits

To use the WithoutBG image background removal API, you must sign up for an account. Upon registration, you receive 50 free credits, allowing you to try the API without paying. The sign-up process is simple, and once you have your API key, you can start integrating WithoutBG into your projects immediately.

8- PixCleaner

The PixCleaner API gives developers lots of powerful image editing tools that use AI. You can remove backgrounds, replace backgrounds, improve images, and generate images. The PixCleaner API is fast. It can handle up to 120 images in one minute and process four background removal requests at the same time. Furthermore, the PixCleaner API supports touch screens, enabling easy interaction using fingers. You can also choose from different output formats, such as PNG, JPG, or WebP.

Say goodbye to complex coding. The PixCleaner API seamlessly integrates into your existing applications, allowing you to focus on creativity. This means that you can add background removal functionality to your website, mobile app, or other software. The user can upload an image from your website and then get an image with transparent backgrounds, eliminating the need for tedious manual editing.

PixCleaner Free API Credits

To use the PixCleaner API, you need to sign up for an account and get an API key. You will get 20 free API credits per month for previews and 3 free API credits per month for HD images. If you need more, you can check the pricing plans and upgrade your account.

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Integrating these 8 best free image background remover APIs into your web development projects can enhance your content. Once you receive the free API, utilize ChatGPT to generate the script code. Simply add the API to the code, and your AdSense-friendly website is ready to go. As you begin to generate traffic, consider upgrading to a premium API plan.

Developers can try out different APIs and choose the best one for their needs because they have free options and flexible pricing plans. It attracts more people and keeps them interested. By adding a background remover tool, your website becomes high-quality, which is important for Google rankings.

When you create a background remover tool website, be sure to share the link in the comments section. This allows others to easily access and use your helpful tool, further enhancing your website’s visibility and potential for engagement.

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