22 Best YouTube Shorts Ideas to Make Money for Beginners

In today’s digital world, short videos are a fun way to be creative, and they can also help you make money. The top places for short videos include YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Reels. Among these, YouTube shorts stand out as the most liked. Lots of people love it, and it’s changing how creators connect with their viewers.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of content creation or if you’ve been hesitant to show your talents on camera, fear not; YouTube Shorts is here to empower you.

You can’t make money on YouTube right away. First, you have to meet certain requirements for YouTube shorts to earn money. Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. People must watch your videos for a total of 4,000 hours in a year, or you must have had 10 million views on your short videos in the past three months.

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It’s important to note that YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines must be followed when creating videos for YouTube shorts. It is a good idea to disclose any sponsored or affiliate content to your viewers.

Some people make a living from their YouTube channel. The most common way is through advertising revenue. You can also make money by selling products or services. Whether you like telling stories, making art, or sharing interesting facts, we’ve got ideas that you’ll like. Let’s jump in and explore the 22 best YouTube shorts ideas for beginners to make money!

1. Lip Sync Shorts

Lip Sync Shorts are a popular type of content on YouTube where creators synchronize their lip movements with pre-recorded audio. Lip-sync shorts are like fun mimicking videos. People pick a song or a famous saying from a movie and then act it out by moving their lips to match the words. It’s a bit like singing along to your favorite song, but you’re not really singing; you’re just making it look like you are.

You try to make it look as perfect as you can, like you’re the one really singing or saying it. These lip sync shorts can be entertaining, funny, or even emotional, depending on the audio you choose and how you perform them. Many people enjoy making and watching these videos on YouTube. Plus, if your lip sync short becomes popular, it can help you earn money and grow your channel. It’s a creative way to have fun and connect with an audience through YouTube shorts.

2. Create a Mash-up Shorts

In the world of YouTube shorts, a mash-up short means taking short clips from different videos, songs, or sources and blending them together into a single, creative video. It’s a bit like making a collage with pictures, but with videos and sounds instead.

Here’s how it works: You find short video clips, music, or even sound effects that you like. Then, you use video editing tools to put these clips together in a cool and interesting way. The result is a unique video that combines various elements to create something new and entertaining.

People love mash-up shorts because they can be really creative and surprising. You can mix funny moments, songs, catchy music, or even popular trends to make your mash-up short stand out. And if your mash-up short gets lots of views and likes, it can help you make money on YouTube shorts.

3. Short Poetry Readings with Visuals

Short poetry readings with visuals are like sharing beautiful and meaningful poems with a little extra magic. It’s a way to bring poetry to life by adding pictures, images, or simple animations to make the words even more captivating.

You can write your own short poem or even get help from ChatGPT to write one. Then, you record yourself reading the poem aloud. As you read, you can add visuals, which are like pictures or short clips that go along with the words of the poem. These visuals can help tell the story or create a mood that matches the poem.

People enjoy short poetry readings with visuals because they blend the power of words with the beauty of images, making the poetry even more engaging and relatable. It’s a creative way to share your love for poetry and connect with an audience on YouTube Shorts. Plus, if your videos resonate with viewers, they can help you earn money on the platform.

4. Dance Shorts

Dance shorts are like quick dance performances that you can enjoy in just a few seconds. It’s all about dancing and grooving to music, and it’s super fun to watch and create. You record yourself dancing to that music for a short period, usually around 15 to 60 seconds, which is perfect for YouTube shorts.

Dance shorts are all about showing off your dance moves and creativity. You can do any style of dance you like, from hip-hop and ballet to contemporary or even your unique dance style. The goal is to entertain your audience with your dancing skills and the joy you bring to them.

People love dance shorts because they’re energetic, expressive, and a fantastic way to share your passion for dance. Plus, if your dance shorts are enjoyable to watch and get lots of views, likes, and shares, they can help you make money on YouTube.

5. Parodies Shorts

You pick something from a trending video, like a hit song or a famous movie scene, and then you create your own version of it, but in a funny way. You might change the words of a song to make it funny or recreate a famous actor’s dialogue with a humorous twist.

People love parodies because they make them laugh and see familiar things in a new light. It’s a chance to be creative and share your sense of humor with others. Plus, if your parody shorts make people laugh and get lots of views, they can help you make money on YouTube shorts.

6. Creating Unique Versions of Viral Shorts

You keep an eye on what’s trending and getting lots of views on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or other social media. When you see a viral video that many people are talking about. Then, you create your own version of a viral short video that’s similar in style but with your own unique creativity. It could be a parody, a funny twist, or a fresh perspective.

People enjoy these videos because they offer a new and creative take on something they already like. It’s a chance to stand out and show your creativity while riding the wave of a popular trend.

7. Showcase of Your Talent

People love showcases of your talent because they get to see something impressive. It’s a chance for you to share your passion and skills with the world.

You think about what you’re good at, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, singing, drawing, painting, dancing, or any other skill you have. Then, you create a short video that demonstrates your talent. It could be a brief performance, a quick tutorial, or simply showing off your creations.

If your showcase of your talent video is captivating and resonates with viewers, it can get lots of views and likes, potentially helping you earn money with YouTube short videos.

8. Adding Songs to Celebrities Images

This is one of the most popular YouTube shorts ideas and is in trend nowadays. You can use images of celebrities and stars and add songs to them. You can either create your own song or use a popular one. It’s all about pairing striking images of famous people with music to tell a story or evoke emotions. However, it’s crucial to check the song’s license to make sure you have the right to use it.

If your content resonates with viewers and complies with copyright rules, it can gain significant views and engagement, potentially helping you make money on YouTube.

9. Unboxing Short Video

If you often shop online or have your own store, you should create a short unboxing video. Let’s say you’ve just received a brand-new phone. Instead of opening it quietly and alone, you set up a camera, press record, and show the whole process of unboxing it. You talk about the packaging, the accessories, and your initial impressions. It’s like inviting your viewers to experience the excitement of opening something new with you.

People enjoy unboxing short videos because they get to see what’s inside a product before they buy it. It’s like a mini-review where they can decide if it’s something they might like. You can easily unbox it and do a quick review in under 60 seconds.

10. Create Memes

If you’re searching for good YouTube shorts ideas, creating memes can be a fantastic option. You think of a funny or clever idea, joke, or message, and then you use images, video clips, or text to bring that idea to life in a humorous way. Memes often play with popular culture, current events, or everyday situations to make people laugh. You don’t need fancy tools to create memes; you can easily make them with free software like Canva.

11. Latest News

You stay updated on important news and current events. When something interesting or significant occurs, you create a short video to explain it. You might include key facts, images, or video clips related to the news. It’s a way to keep people informed about what’s going on in a short and concise format.

12. Movie and Drama Review

You see a movie or a drama, and after you finish watching it, you make a video where you talk about what you thought of it. Discuss the plot, the characters, the acting, and whether you think it’s worth watching.

What’s really exciting is that many movies and dramas are incredibly popular, and people love watching them. When you create a short video about these popular movies and dramas, there’s a higher chance your video will show up at the top of the short video search results. This means more people are likely to see your review and recommendations.

In dramas, you try to figure out what will happen in the next episode. You can also film what goes on behind the scenes during the making of a drama. If your short videos become very popular, you might even get the chance to talk to the actors and ask them questions.

13. Magic Tricks

You learn and practice various magic tricks, like making objects disappear, making things appear out of nowhere, or guessing someone’s chosen card. Then, you record yourself performing these tricks in a short video. You might also explain how the trick works or leave it as a fun mystery for your audience to wonder about. People love magic trick videos because they bring a sense of wonder and excitement. It’s like watching a real-life magician do their magic, but on your screen.

14. Asking Riddles

If you’re interested in YouTube shorts ideas where you don’t have to show your face, creating riddles is an excellent choice. Asking riddles is like challenging your viewers with fun and puzzling questions. It’s a way to make people think and have fun at the same time.

You think of tricky questions or riddles that require some clever thinking to solve. Then, you make a short video where you ask these riddles to your audience. You can share the riddle and then reveal the answer, or you can give viewers some time to think before providing the solution.

People enjoy riddle videos because they love to test their wits and see if they can figure out the answers to these brain teasers. It’s like a little mental game that viewers can play along with.

If your riddles are entertaining and make your audience scratch their heads a bit, they can attract views and engagement, which can help you make money on YouTube shorts.

15. Stand-up Comedy

If you have a funny personality and are looking for funny YouTube shorts ideas, creating comedy-based videos could be a great way to make money. Stand-up comedy on YouTube is like telling funny jokes and stories to make people laugh. It’s a way to share humor and put a smile on your viewers’ faces. It’s a way to entertain and brighten someone’s day with humor. You should perform these jokes in a short video, often in a lively and entertaining way.

16. Silent Comedy Skits

Silent comedy skits are like funny stories or scenes that you act out without using words. Instead of talking, you use body language, facial expressions, and actions to create humor and entertain your viewers.

If your silent comedy skits are well executed and bring a smile to your audience’s faces, they can attract views, likes, and shares. This can help you make money on YouTube shorts.

17. Creating Quotes

Creating quotes is like sharing small pieces of wisdom or sayings in a short video, and it’s one of the faceless YouTube shorts ideas. It’s a way to inspire and motivate through meaningful words.

You think of quotes that you find powerful and thought-provoking. These could be famous quotes from famous people or your original thoughts and sayings. Then, you design these quotes in an eye-catching and creative way, often pairing them with appealing images.

People love seeing quote videos because they can provide a dose of inspiration and positivity. Quotes often resonate with viewers and can brighten their day and make them reflect on various aspects of life.

18. Short Historical Facts

Short historical facts on YouTube shorts are like quick windows into the past. It’s a way to share interesting and educational snippets of history with your viewers.

It’s like mini-movies that tell true stories about interesting things happening in the world. Share knowledge, experiences, and information. When discussing history, it’s important to ensure that historical facts are presented accurately.

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You choose specific historical events, people, or topics that you find fascinating. It could be anything from your country’s past events and history to technology and culture. Then, you first research and create a short video that explores and explains events in one minute. You might use pictures, videos, or your own narration to share facts, stories, and insights.

People love short historical facts because they can learn something new and gain a deeper understanding of history in a short amount of time.

19. Fitness and Workout Routines

Fitness and workout routines in YouTube shorts are like quick guides to staying healthy and active. It’s a way to show people how to exercise, stay fit, and live a healthier lifestyle.

You choose different exercises, stretches, yoga, or fitness routines that you want to share. Then, you record yourself demonstrating these exercises in a short video. You might also provide tips and suggest how often to do these exercises. These videos help viewers learn and follow along with the exercises.

People love fitness and workout routine videos because they offer practical guidance on staying in shape and feeling better. They can be a quick source of inspiration for people looking to start or enhance their fitness journey.

20. Medical Tips

Medical tips in YouTube shorts are quick, helpful suggestions for staying healthy and dealing with common health concerns. It’s a way to share practical advice that can improve people’s well-being. Select common medical questions that you want to address. Then, you create short videos where you answer these questions.

The tips can cover anything from healthy eating and exercise to managing stress. People appreciate medical tip videos because they offer easy-to-follow advice that can have a positive impact on their health. These videos can help viewers learn how to take better care of themselves and make informed decisions.

If your medical tips videos are accurate, easy to understand, and genuinely helpful, they can attract views, likes, and shares, which can help you make money on YouTube.

21. Gardening and Plant Care

You can create short videos to share tips and advice about gardening and plant care. Cover various topics like planting flowers, growing vegetables, or tending indoor plants. In these videos, you will be shown gardening methods and provided with quick explanations. Additionally, you can offer tips on planting seeds, watering plants, and handling common plant problems.

22. Transforming Long Videos into Engaging Shorts

Turning a long YouTube video into a short one is like making a shorter, more focused version of a video that you’ve already created. It’s a way to capture the most exciting parts and share them in a bite-sized format.

You choose a longer video you’ve made. Then, you edit and cut the video to keep the most interesting or informative parts while removing any unnecessary content. The goal is to create a video that quickly grabs viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged.

If your short video is well edited, then more people will watch it, like it, and share it. This can help you earn money on YouTube shorts.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to making money through YouTube shorts is sticking with the same style over and over again. Keep things fresh by experimenting with different formats, themes, and angles. This will keep your viewers engaged and motivated to watch your latest videos.

There are plenty of resources available online that can help you get started. Be sure to do your research first and find the tools and techniques that work best for you! Overall, starting and running a one-minute video business can be both fun and profitable. Just make sure that you allocate the proper resources (time, effort, and money) in order to see the most success possible.

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YouTube shorts are like a playground, and your creativity is your superpower. We’ve talked about many fun ideas. All of these can grab your audience’s attention and help you make money.

Remember, the online world is always changing, and people want new and exciting stuff. Don’t be afraid to try new things, be creative, make good videos, and connect with your viewers. That way, you can do well on this platform. Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas on what you can do to start making money using YouTube shorts.

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