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DigitalTime Image Editor develop by NewOfferSee Team

🔥Support Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Google Chrome on laptops and desktop PCs.

🔥First, set the canvas size according to your image. You can increase or decrease the canvas size at any time.

🔥If you do not change the canvas color, the sheet is transparent by default. If you need design for print-on-demand products, like a png image, then you don't need to change the default background color.

🔥Our text box supports all languages. If you need to type in Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, or another language, you can copy the text from Google Translate and paste it in the Add Text Box.

🔥Anything on canvas within the red border is downloaded as a png image.

🔥This is a free service without ads. Plus, after editing, you can download the image without a watermark.

🎁 Donate to NewOfferSee via Buy-Me-a-Coffee so we can further improve the service. If you have any questions or comments, you can Ask Us at any time.

Stroke Size:

Alignment work with Text and Object. Its not work well with images


When you use AI to create an image, you may need to add some text to it. This free image editor can help you write on an image. You can also add your logo to the photo. Once you are finished, you can download the image in high quality. It will be a transparent image in PNG format.

It is easy to add your own watermark to an image. All you need to do is write your text on the image, and then adjust the opacity setting to create your watermark.

With a watermark-free image editor, users can upload and edit their images quickly and easily, without having to worry about any hidden costs or limitations. This means that whether you're a professional photographer, a social media influencer, a blogger, or simply someone who enjoys taking photos and sharing them online, you can use the editor to create beautiful images that look polished and professional.

Upload Multiple Images

With our free image editor, you have the ability to resize and rotate objects. Create shapes, duplicate them, and add text background color. With our easy-to-use interface, you can transform any image into the perfect one for your project. Add alignment text and send objects backward and forward on the canvas. You can also upload multiple images and free drawings that can be applied to images to give them a unique and creative look. When uploading multiple photos, make sure each one has a unique file name. You can move multiple photos on canvas freely.

Add Text to the Photo

The most-used tool of the DigitalTime Image Editor online is adding text to photos. With the editor, users can customise their photos with various fonts, sizes, and colours to make them look unique and stand out. The editor also allows users to save their creations as an image file, which can then be shared online, printed, or used for other purposes.

Images for Custom Products

It allows users to create their own images for custom products, which can then be used for both commercial and personal projects. It is a great tool for those who need to create visuals for their products, as it allows them to customize the images according to their needs. Whether it be for a business, a website, or an e-commerce store, DigitalTime Image Editor gives users a quick way to edit images. You can easily create images for product promotions, logos, and other content that can be used for a variety of purposes.


Add shape strokes, create buttons, banners, or other design elements. The ability to adjust the radius of the rectangular shape tool is another helpful feature that allows you to create more customized shapes that fit your design needs. Create 3D shapes and add shadows to text, which can add depth and dimension to your designs.

Applying a stroke to text is a great touch that allows you to add a border or outline to your text. This feature can make your text stand out more and add an extra layer of interest to your designs.

Fast Performance

DigitalTime Editor is a powerful and efficient image editing tool that is designed to be lightweight and fast. Unlike other image editing programs, DigitalTime Editor is designed to not slow down your system while editing images. It has a user-friendly, fast interface that lets users make edits without using too many system resources.

With any image editor, ease of use is key, and a good editor should be intuitive and user-friendly, even for those who are not familiar with photo editing software. This means that the interface should be easy to navigate and that all of the editing tools should be clearly labelled and easily accessible. With a range of editing tools and a user-friendly interface, this online image editor can help you achieve the results you want without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Short Keys

  • Press shift to select multiple objects.
  • Change the textbox style by selecting "Text Box" and pressing the shift key, then dragging the midpoint to the right and left on top and bottom of the text box.
  • When you disable drawing, it becomes a shape stroke. You can change the colour of the stroke by selecting a shape stroke colour option.
  • When you're drawing, you can hold down the "shift" key to create a straight line.
  • Double click to start writing on canvas for laptop users.
add text to image no watermark

This photo editor is designed for a laptop screen or desktop computer. If you are a mobile user, we recommend you access this via your laptop. If you still want to work on mobile, then use landscape mode and work with a mouse that has a scroll up and down key. We recommend that, when designing, you use a laptop for better screen viewing.