Which online marketplace is best for selling products with free listings?

Selling products online is very popular these days, but which online Marketplace is best to sell products with free listing? There is no question that a large portion of the world’s population is online. Our goal is to have a marketplace where brands and bloggers can list their products and where customers can buy them. There are a couple of platforms that people commonly use to sell products. But the problem with most marketplaces, they charge initially. Whether in terms of listing or maintenance charges or subscription fees. As soon as you do this, you realize that it might not be the best choice for launching your product.

Many people have been searching themselves this question for years. They still haven’t found an answer that they are satisfied with yet. Each time the search engine shows such sites, which have subscription or listing fees, free trial but not completely free.

In the initial stage of your online business, it happens that your sell profit is less than store charges. So you won’t be able to continue your store. If you find any marketplace which can’t charge you unless you sell anything. This is peace of mind. When looking for an online marketplace to sell products, you’ll want to make sure that it has free listings plus no extra charges. So that you don’t have to pay anything upfront or in order to sell your items on there!

Best online marketplace for selling products with zero setup costs and zero listing fees

Today we recommend two stores, which are different from eBay, Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress in terms of fees. The best online marketplace to sell products with free listings are:

1- Storenvy

Storenvy doesn’t charge listing fees, or monthly fees. If customer buys from storefront then by default customer pays storefront handling fees. You have the option to disable customer fees. In this case you pay a 6% commission. Storenvy charges a 15% commission when your product sale from the marketplace. With their free plan, you can add up to 20 Products. Your products show up on custom storefronts and Storenvy marketplaces.

Storenvy Free Marketing

You can also free promote your products on sites like Google and Facebook by joining Storenvy free managed marketing. When sales come from free advertising. Storenvy charges a 25%.

You can sell fashion items, clothing, jewelries, art, home decor, electronics, health, and beauty etc. You can also sell digital item, but it’s your duty to deliver digital products on time.

According to Similarweb Storenvy Traffic is over 2 Million per month.

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You can withdraw your earnings using Stripe & PayPal, which will be deposited into your bank account.

If you are looking for an online marketplace to sell your products, then look no further than Storenvy. Storenvy has millions and millions of visitors each month, and that number grows every day! Storenvy has been growing since it was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Crawford and it now has over 100,000 sellers, with no signs of slowing down! Best marketplace for emerging designers and artists to sell their goods.

Reviews for Storenvy vary and are not always favorable. Good and bad reviews very much depend on seller performance. But it seems to be an all-around solid choice for those looking to start their own online store and don’t want to invest in any up-front costs.

2- Bonanza

Selling on Bonanza, you have two options. First is expensive, it’s Bonanza Webstore. Which is not free, its has subscription fees and come with 14-day trial.

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Second option is completely free selling account, which is called Bonanza Booth. Free add unlimited products from booth setting. No subscription plans. Customer can see your products on Bonanza marketplace.

Cheapest Seller Marketplace

Bonanza marketplace is cheaper than Storenvy. When your item is sold on Bonanza, then they charge only 3.5% commission. I don’t think anyone else marketplace has that low charges. When create account on Bonanza then goto “Selling Dashboard” and press “Add or Edit Items”. Here you manage your item listings.

Bonanza Free Advertising

Similer to Storenvy, Bonanza also offers free advertising of your products on Google, Ebay, Facebook etc. If you join Bonanza broadcaster advertising then after your item is sold, it charges you an extra 9% to 30% fees.

Bonanza was created in 2007 by Bill Harding. It has grown steadily ever since. The site offers millions of items for sale with more added every day. It makes it easy to find anything you’re looking for with their search engine and filters like price, new items, and seller rating. The best online marketplace where you can buy or sell things with free listing. Bonanza are well known sites that can generate many views for your product listing.

According to Similarweb Bonanza traffic is over 3.5 Million per month.

There are two options for withdrawing income. Stripe & PayPal. Allowing you to transfer money between accounts with ease.

I really like this marketplace because it has so many women & men fashion items, shoes, furniture to choose from. They have such cute stuff and their prices are very reasonable. The website has an excellent interface that makes it easy to use.


After reading this answer, I’m sure you can now start selling your products. There’s no question that their are some awesome businesses right now on Ebay or Alibaba. Though they have some serious competition. The biggest problem with these platforms is that they charge fees for listing products or monthly charges. So let’s look at some free alternatives. While also getting some great exposure for your business.

The answer to this question depends on your preferences and your product’s needs, but Storenvy and Bonanza are among some popular choices for selling products online without charges. These two platforms are both popular among users because they offer free features.

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