10 Dynamic WordPress Themes for Job, Travel, & Booking Sites

In today’s digital age, the online presence of your business can make or break its success. When it comes to creating a website for specific niches, selecting the right WordPress theme is crucial. Your website’s design, functionality, and user experience are all closely tied to the theme you choose.

Whether you’re creating an aspiring job board creator site like Flexjobs, a home and hotel site like Agoda, or an entrepreneur venturing into the world of booking services, this blog post is tailor-made for you. We understand the challenges of finding the perfect WordPress theme that not only matches your niche but also offers the flexibility and features your website needs to thrive.

There are many free WordPress themes available, but free themes do not come with enhanced features, support, or greater flexibility. If you’re looking for dynamic WordPress themes for free download, I highly recommend changing your decision and considering premium themes. It makes them a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to create professional and feature-rich websites.

How do I create a dynamic theme in WordPress?

All the WordPress themes we suggest are available in the yearly subscription plan, which costs $199. You also have the option to buy a lifetime plan, which includes all themes and plugins with future updates and costs $999. In all subscription plans, you can get help and guidance whenever you need it from the Crocoblock plugin developer and support team.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best 10 dynamic WordPress premium themes, categorized into different niches: job, travel, car dealer, real estate, doctor appointment, and hotel booking. Inside each dynamic template for Elementor and Gutenberg, you’ll find ready-to-use functionality, along with all the necessary plugins included. These themes are pre-designed, pre-coded, and niche-adapted, making your website creation process more streamlined and efficient.

Table of Content

  1. LaborTime Dynamic Job Board WordPress Theme
  2. Car Dealer WordPress Theme
  3. Only Books WordPress Theme
  4. Travengo Travel WordPress Theme
  5. Findero Real Estate WordPress Theme
  6. RentGo Car Rental WordPress Theme
  7. Bristol Grand Hotel Booking WordPress Theme
  8. Medical Center Doctor Appointment WordPress Theme
  9. Barber Shop WordPress Theme
  10. Balirento Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced webmaster, our goal is to help you make an informed decision and set your website on the path to success. Let’s explore and find the ideal theme for your website journey—one that showcases modernity, includes the latest features and updates, and reflects the latest trends in website functionality and designs!

1. LaborTime Dynamic Job Board WordPress Theme

See the LaborTime dynamic job board WordPress theme. If you are looking for a way to create a job board website that is easy to use, customizable, and dynamic, then you might be interested in LaborTime. A dynamic job board website template for WordPress was developed by Crocoblock. LaborTime has everything you need to make a job and career website successful. You can simply install the theme and use it right away.

How do I create a job board in WordPress?

In this theme, you can effortlessly create and customize profiles, job listings, and CVs. Enjoy the convenience of ready-to-use filters, sorting options, and the ability to save both job openings and profiles. Thanks to geolocation features, you can seamlessly hire talent locally or expand your search globally. Make special pages for both companies and employees, so everyone has their own unique experience.

Ready-made Job Pages

Ready-made job and applicant pages are designed to showcase both job listings and employees. Job seekers can easily find jobs and add them as favorites for later reference, and a custom search function helps identify similar jobs. You can organize the jobs by their category, cities, posting date, and price. Detailed job information and locations are neatly presented using specialized fields.

Furthermore, the employee’s photo, contact details, and a brief bio are prominently displayed, providing employers with valuable insights. To enhance the user experience, dynamic visibility is applied to the job description section, making it more engaging. There is a special menu on the profile page with options and a button to log out. Let job seekers choose to show or hide their resumes.

Companies create several forms easily using a simple form builder and the ready-made sign-in and registration pages included in the theme. Put a form, a confirmation message, and filters in pop-up boxes that work on phones and tablets. Empower companies to post job opportunities and make edits to their listings with ease, while users can maintain control over their profile settings. Job seekers can add and update their experience details effortlessly. Enhance profile pages with multimedia elements to showcase talent and expertise in a captivating way.

Designed for Elementor

LaborTime is designed for Elementor. It also uses JetEngine. With LaborTime, you can customize every aspect of your job board website, from the layout, colors, fonts, functionality, filters, and forms.

LaborTime is different from other WordPress templates because it only includes the essential plugins, skins, and pages that you need for a job board website. It does not have any unnecessary stuff that might slow down your website or cause compatibility issues. It also focuses on dynamic functionality, which means that your website will always be updated with the latest information and data from your databases.

2. Car Dealer WordPress Theme

View the demo of the Car Dealer WordPress theme. If you want to create a car dealer website with WordPress, you might be looking for a template that can help you showcase your products, filter them by various criteria, and allow users to contact sellers. You might also want to have a user profile system where sellers can register, post ads, edit their profiles, and manage their ads.

Automotive responsive wordpress theme

Fortunately, there is a dynamic template for Gutenberg that can help you achieve all of that. It is a car dealer WordPress theme for Gutenberg by Crocoblock. This template is made for the WordPress block editor. It has page templates you can customize, sections with ready-to-use styles for dynamic content, and filters and forms that are ready to go.

Smart Template Builder

You can design every car sale ad template using the smart template builder. Add images, galleries, videos, car specifications, similar ads, contact forms, and a mobile number. You can display all your car dealer ads in a filterable catalog using different layouts, such as a list, grid, or masonry. The user can add badges like VIP or Sale to product images. Once you settle on your best template, you have the option to use the same template for all category listings. Indicate product categories, add favorite buttons, and set the posts in order to showcase featured ads first.

Advanced Search Functionality

Advanced filters and search functionality allow users to find the best car deals. Applying various filters, such as type of transport, brand, model, technical specs, price, engine capacity, and year of issue.

Profile builder

Sellers can register accounts and log into your site. Add new products and update the previously posted ads. Easily change simple ad submission forms into multi-step forms. Update your profile and communicate with buyers through contact forms. Enable email notifications and reCAPTCHA to prevent spam.

You can make special pages for sellers and add custom menus and settings. Display the car seller’s information on their individual page. Show published, pending, and let sellers remove their ads when their vehicles are sold.

3. Only Books WordPress Theme

See the Only Books WordPress theme. Only Books is a dynamic template that allows you to create a beautiful and functional website for selling books online. It is designed specifically for bookstores, publishers, authors, and book lovers. If you have an Amazon Kindle account, then you should create your own book-selling store. The Only Books theme has everything you need to create a successful online book store.

Best books wordpress theme

Single book pages and catalogs that display your books in an attractive and organized way. You can filter books by genre, author, rating, language, and price. The built-in WooCommerce integration is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You can easily manage your inventory, orders, payments, and shipping with WooCommerce.

Adjusted AJAX filters make your website faster and smoother. AJAX filters allow your visitors to search for books without reloading the page. A beautiful and responsive design that adapts to any screen size and device.

Book Store Features

With a customizable vertical mega menu, you have the freedom to organize your book categories with ease. Most popular and discounted books stand out by using eye-catching Top and Sale badges. This helps customers easily find the best deals. The theme doesn’t stop at print books; it also beautifully displays your audiobook collection, appealing to a broader audience.

Engagement is at the core of this theme, as it allows users to write book reviews and build a lively and active literary community. Star ratings provide at-a-glance assessments of book popularity and quality. Further enhancing the user experience, the theme offers wishlist functionality, allowing users to save their favorite titles.

Promotions are made simple with features like limited-time offers and the ability to create coupon codes. Use meta boxes to showcase comprehensive book details, making it easy for customers to make informed choices. Plus, the inclusion of pagination on the book catalog page streamlines navigation.

Author pages offer dedicated spaces for authors to shine, featuring photos, biographies, and lists of their published works. Special promo pages with countdown timers build excitement around promotions, and customizable header, body, and footer templates ensure your bookstore’s branding remains consistent and appealing.

4. Travengo Travel WordPress Theme

See the Travengo Travel WordPress theme. Travengo is a dynamic travel Elementor template. It is designed specifically for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel bloggers. One of the best things about Travengo is that it is highly customizable. You can change the colors, fonts, and overall design of your website to match your brand identity. You can also add or remove features as needed. This means that you can create a website that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

travel wordpress theme tourism agency

Another great thing about Travengo is that it is easy to use. Even if you have no experience with WordPress or Elementor, you will be able to create a beautiful website with Travengo. The template comes with a variety of pre-made layouts and widgets that you can simply drag and drop onto your pages.

Preset booking functionality that lets your visitors book the tours through a built-in booking form. You can use JetEngine to create expandable booking forms with custom field types, departure dates, and additional travelers. You can also integrate the booking form with a popup using JetPopup.

5. Findero Real Estate WordPress Theme

You can view the demo of the Findero Real Estate WordPress theme. Findero is a dynamic real estate WordPress theme that allows you to create a professional and stunning real estate website in minutes.

real estate wordpress theme elementor

The Findero home page welcomes you with a beautiful design that showcases various sections to help you find your dream property. You can browse through listings of recent real estate deals. You can also connect with trusted real estate agents who have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process of buying or selling your property.

With Findero, you can showcase your property listings on attractive and customizable single pages. Add dynamic features such as repeater groups, meta boxes, and more to display property details, floor plans, contact forms, reviews, and social links. Enable advanced filters and search options to help your visitors find their ideal properties by various criteria such as location, type, amenities, and price.

Property listings allow visitors to easily identify whether a property is available for rent or for sale. Visitors can choose from a variety of properties that suit their needs and preferences. If they are interested in any of the properties, they can send a message to the seller. Visitors can also view the seller’s profile and ratings to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

Property agents create user accounts to submit and edit their own property ads. Display your properties on a map listing with the additional feature that integrates with Google Maps. Dedicate a section to reviews and testimonials from your clients, and let them rate and comment on your agent’s performance.

SEO-friendly Real Estate Template

Findero is a fully responsive and SEO-friendly template that works seamlessly with any WordPress theme. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, JetBooking, and JetSmartFilters plugins for more functionality. Findero is the ultimate solution for building a real estate website that stands out from the crowd.

6. RentGo Car Rental WordPress Theme

See the RentGo Car Rental WordPress theme demo. RentGo is not just a static template but a dynamic one that allows you to create a fully functional car rental website with features such as booking functionality. You can enable your customers to book a car online using the built-in booking forms powered by the JetBooking plugin. Users can use a simple, step-by-step wizard tool to quickly and easily manage their booking settings. We’ve made it easy for customers to choose when they want to pick up and return the vehicle, so they can rent it for as long as they need.

multipurpose vehicle car rental wordpress theme

Checkout Pages

You can also integrate WooCommerce to handle payments and Google Calendar to track appointments. With this theme, you don’t have to design checkout pages for your car rental website from scratch. You can handle payments smoothly with the pre-set WooCommerce checkout.

With the RentGo Car Rental WordPress Theme, you have the power to present your car rental deals on appealing and informative pages. This is made possible through custom post types, custom fields, and listing grids. Quickly change the car rental settings you want and apply them to all your vehicles at once. The RentGo theme will automatically take the details from the database.

You can provide your customers with advanced filtering options to help them find the best car for their needs. Use the JetSmartFilters plugin to create quick search filters, category-specific filters, range filters, and more.

Easily adjust the look and feel of your website using the drag-and-drop page builder and the visual customizer. Also, choose from different header and footer styles, blog layouts, and animations.

RentGo is a template that comes with premium plugins and widgets from Crocoblock. It is one of the best car rental WordPress themes that you can use to launch your car rental business website in a few clicks.

7. Bristol Grand Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

The Bristol Grand Hotel WordPress theme is a dynamic template designed for Elementor. It is specifically tailored for grand hotels and offers a range of features to enhance the website’s functionality. This hotel booking theme includes room single pages, a room catalog, built-in AJAX filters, and pre-configured booking functionality.

Best hotel booking wordpress theme

With the template builder, you can effortlessly design and customize room packages to showcase the unique features and amenities of each room. Add images of the hotel and of the rooms. Show a star rating and room reviews. It’s like having a well-organized catalog that makes it easy for guests to see and choose the room they want and find out about the services offered by the hotel.

The template offers various pre-designed templates, taxonomy options, and listing grids for showcasing room categories and additional services. Visitors can easily filter their search based on their preferences, such as room type, price range, or availability.

Effortless Booking Process

This hotel theme simplifies the booking process by providing pre-configured booking forms, making the booking process a breeze. These forms are designed to capture all the necessary information from your guests, ensuring a smooth and efficient reservation process. With just a few clicks, your guests can book their stay and receive confirmation, saving them time and effort.

The template seamlessly integrates with JetBooking, allowing visitors to make reservations through step-by-step booking forms. The seamless integration with WooCommerce ensures a secure and reliable payment gateway, giving your guests peace of mind when making their reservations.

Every hotel is unique, and the bristol grand hotel booking WordPress theme understands that. This template can be easily customized to match your hotel’s branding and style, giving your website a personalized touch.

8. Medical Center Doctor Appointment WordPress Theme

Medical Center Doctor Appointment WordPress theme provides a comprehensive solution for creating a professional and user-friendly medical website. With this theme, you can easily showcase doctors, create doctor single-page templates, and display doctor details by pulling data from a database. The theme also allows you to add certificates to a doctor’s page and enables patients to leave reviews about doctors.

online doctor consultation wordpress theme

Furthermore, the theme offers a multi-step appointment booking form, integrating with WooCommerce for seamless online transactions. It supports various payment options, including PayPal and Stripe. Additionally, you can automate appointment booking through a third-party calendar service like Google Calendar.

Appointment Functionality

With the built-in appointment functionality in this medical center WordPress theme, booking a doctor’s appointment directly from your website is effortless. You can also include additional services in the appointment. This theme allows you to display the appointment duration and cost, ensuring transparency for your patients. The department categories and medical staff page feature helps visitors easily find the right specialist by sorting available doctors by their expertise. Moreover, it permits multiple time slot bookings to see the same doctor on the same day using a single account. Patients receive a booking summary with appointment confirmation and contact details, enhancing their experience. You have the flexibility to set the price calculation method and display the service total on the website. Plus, you can easily enable or disable specific page elements to customize the patient’s journey.

This doctor’s appointment theme provides extensive customization options, allowing you to build and manage your website structure effortlessly. It includes JetPlugins, such as JetGridBuilder, JetFormBuilder, JetAppointment, and JetThemeCore, which are fully compatible and offer a unified interface.

Crocoblock’s approach to this theme follows the “less is more” philosophy, ensuring a lightweight and optimized website without unnecessary components. The theme is fully customizable, empowering you to modify page structures, fine-tune dynamic data, and customize user accounts.

9. Barber Shop WordPress Theme

See Barber Shop WordPress theme. Are you in search of a fantastic WordPress theme for your barbershop? Look no further than the Barbershop Website Dynamic Template for Elementor by Crocoblock. This dynamic and customizable theme is specifically designed to meet the needs of barbershops.

hair salon wordpress theme

With the Barber Shop theme, you’ll have access to a range of impressive features. The multi-step appointment booking form guarantees a seamless booking experience for your clients. You can use the theme’s built-in features to show your barbershop services. These services include head washing, royal shaves, men’s haircuts, beard trims, and baby haircuts.

Furthermore, the theme includes a striking call-to-action appointment button, making it easy for customers to book their appointments. From the homepage, you can also incorporate a pop-up “Book an Appointment” button, allowing customers to schedule a barber appointment directly from the home page.

Additionally, you have the option to display videos and images that reveal the creative power behind the cool work. The theme also lets you list your skilled team members. You can show their names and titles, such as “top barber,” and add links to their social profiles.

10. Balirento Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

Balirento Vacation Rental is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme for selling homes, renting businesses, hotel bookings, or any other booking-related business. The theme is perfect for travel agencies, travel affiliate websites, tourist guides, and vacation rental services. This WordPress theme is optimized for all major browsers, and it’s fully responsive, so it looks great on any device. The Balirento theme also has a beautiful gallery, testimonials, blog, newsletter box, and contact sections to showcase your work and connect with your audience.

Best vacation rental wordpress theme

If you are looking to create a site like Booking-com, then this is a premium WordPress theme that has been built with the latest technologies. It comes with many amazing features, such as an unlimited color palette, custom typography options, layouts, and widgets. You can add ratings and “Add to favorite” functionality without using any additional plugins. If needed, you can easily install the other free and premium WordPress plugins of your choice.

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It includes dedicated pages and catalogs for housing, host profiles with verified signs, smart filters, and a fine-tuned booking system. With BaliRento, you can showcase your rental properties with detailed information, images, and even video galleries. BaliRento allows potential guests to find the best housing options based on various parameters such as price, rating, facilities, and availability dates. The theme also includes a map listing feature, allowing users to view and locate rental offers on a map.

User-friendly Interface

The theme offers a user-friendly interface for hosts to create and manage their listings, including the ability to edit and update property details. Users have the ability to create new user accounts through a built-in registration form. Once logged in, users can add new properties. Users can include a featured image, title, description, property type, facilities, and pricing details per day or night, and then publish their property listing. Additionally, users can easily remove property listings.

The Balirento theme also comes with a powerful booking system that lets you manage your appointments online. Your clients can choose the different services, prices, check-in and check-out dates, and guests, and book their sessions with ease. Then pay online with their preferred method. You can use WooCommerce, which is integrated with the theme, to offer different payment options to your clients. The checkout page offers an option for entering a coupon code, and it automatically generates and sends a receipt to the customer via email. Whether you prefer PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, or Klarna, you can set them up easily and securely.

Blog Section and Premium Plugins

When you buy themes from TemplateMonster, they have good templates but do not include premium plugins. So you use a free plugin in the premium theme. One of the advantages of Crocoblock is that when you buy a subscription plan, you not only use themes but also all premium plugins. That means, for one price, you can use all the Crocoblock products. All the templates we discussed come with a blog section. Crocoblock makes it easy for you to show your content in a professional way using the JetBlog plugin.


Crocoblock is a service that provides you with a variety of dynamic templates, plugins, and widgets for WordPress. You can use Crocoblock to create any kind of website you want. No matter which theme you choose, all of them are built with Elementor and offer dynamic templates that are highly customizable. This means you can easily tailor the design and layout of your website to match your brand and create a unique user experience.

Overall, these dynamic WordPress themes provide powerful tools and functionalities to help you create professional job, travel, and booking websites. It offers the flexibility and features you need to succeed. So go ahead, explore these themes, and take your dynamic WordPress website to the next level.

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