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In the land of Alveria, the village of Breezewood was known for its lush gardens, beautiful vineyards, and mysterious disappearances. Every few years, a young woman would vanish without a trace, leaving the village in a state of fear and uncertainty. No one knew where the women went or why they were taken, but rumors swirled that dark magic was at work.


  • Liliana » Young mage
  • Amelia » Sister of Isabella
  • Isabella » Missing Girl
  • Alecto » Evil Witch

Liliana was a young mage who had just arrived in Breezewood to investigate the disappearances. She had been trained in the art of magic by the greatest mages in the land, and she was determined to solve the mystery of the missing women.

Discovering the truth behind the disappearances of young women: a young mage's investigation of an evil witch's mystery

As she walked through the village, Liliana noticed that the people were nervous and tense. They avoided her gaze and whispered behind her back. She knew that she would have to gain their trust if she wanted to uncover the truth.

Liliana set up a small laboratory within the local inn, where she devoted herself to exploring the fascinating history of Breezewood. She diligently studied ancient tomes, interviewed locals, and scoured archives. She was hoping to find clues that would lead her to the person responsible for the disappearances.

Amelia » Sister of Isabella

One evening, Liliana was awakened by a loud banging at her door. She grabbed her wand and cautiously opened the door, only to find a young woman standing there, tears streaming down her face.

The young woman’s name was Amelia, and her sister, Isabella, was one of the missing women. She begged Liliana to help find her sister and put an end to the disappearances that had plagued the village for years.

“My sister is missing,” the Amelia said. “She was taken two nights ago, just like the others. Please, can you help us?”

Liliana could see the desperation and fear in Amelia’s eyes. She knew that she couldn’t let Amelia suffer a moment longer. She vowed to do whatever it took to help her. Without hesitation, Liliana made a solemn promise to Amelia that she would leave no stone unturned in her quest to find Isabella and put an end to the sinister force behind the disappearances.

Liliana’s mind raced with the possibilities as she considered her next move. With Amelia by her side, because she is a local, Liliana knew their chances of uncovering crucial information with villagers had increased significantly.

With that, Liliana and Amelia set out to investigate the village and gather information. As they talked to the villagers, Liliana began to piece things together and create a picture of what had been happening in Breezewood. Some whispered of dark magic and witches, while others blamed it on the nearby forest, said to be home to all manner of supernatural creatures.

But Liliana refused to accept these rumors and instead focused on finding tangible evidence. She spent long hours studying the local flora and fauna, looking for any clues that might lead her to the truth.

Small Cottage

As Liliana continued deeper into the investigation, the pieces started to fit together, pointing to the village’s outskirts.

Finally, one day, as Liliana and Amelia were exploring the outskirts of the village, they stumbled upon a small cottage. The door was ajar, and Liliana could sense that something was amiss.

As they stepped inside the cottage, Liliana and Amelia found themselves in an eerie silence. Amelia alerted Liliana that something was wrong. Determined to uncover the truth, Liliana and Amelia began to search the cottage for any clues that could lead them to Isabella. The air was thick and heavy, and the usual sounds of nature were absent. Liliana’s gaze fell to the ground, where she noticed a peculiar stain. She knelt down to inspect it, and Amelia’s heart sank at what she saw.

Mysterious Garden

The stain was dried blood, and Liliana couldn’t shake the feeling that something terrible had happened here. As she stood up, her eyes fell upon the garden outside the window. The once-beautiful plants were now withered and twisted, as if they had been cursed by some dark magic.

Liliana used her magic to examine the garden before entering it and discovered that it was infused with powerful dark magic. She knew that whoever was behind the disappearances was using the garden as a laboratory for their magic.

Liliana turned to Amelia, hoping for some insight into the mysterious garden. “Have you ever heard of this garden before?” she asked. Amelia shook her head, a worried expression on her face. “No,” she replied. “Be careful, Liliana. Something doesn’t feel right about this situation.”


Liliana investigates the mysterious garden, checking every inch of it for clues. As she wanders through the withered plants and twisted vines, she begins to uncover hints of dark magic. She discovers strange symbols in the bark of the trees. Then Amelia finds a hidden trapdoor beneath a pile of dead leaves.

Liliana carefully tried to open the trapdoor but failed. Liliana realizes that the trapdoor is enchanted and decides to use her magical abilities to open it. She channels all of her energy into the task, and with a burst of light, the trapdoor slowly begins to open. Suddenly, the darkness within the trapdoor begins to grow and expand, until it becomes a swirling vortex of black energy. Liliana tries to back away, but she is pulled into the vortex and finds herself in an unknown realm.

She heard a faint click, and the heavy door slammed shut behind her with a resounding thud. She whirled around, her wand at the ready, but the door remained firmly shut. Panic threatened to overwhelm her, but she forced herself to stay calm and focused.

Suddenly, Liliana realized that Amelia was not with her. She turned around to call out to her, but to her dismay, she saw that the garden door was still tightly shut. Liliana attempted to utilize her magic to unlock it, but it proved futile. She was trapped, and she would have to face whatever lay ahead alone.

With a deep breath, Liliana pushed the thought of Amelia aside and turned her focus towards the mysterious world. She knew that she had to locate the source of the dark magic that was tainting the garden and endangering the entire village. Liliana tightened her grip on her wand and pushed forward with determination.

Small Cave

Liliana saw a shadowy figure darting through the trees. As the sound of movement grew louder, she pursued it, using her magic to track its movements. The figure led her to a small cave hidden deep in the forest.

Inside the cave, they found a small trapdoor leading down into a dark, underground chamber. Liliana lit her wand and descended the steps, her heart pounding with fear and anticipation.

Isabella » Missing Girl

As she entered the chamber, Liliana found a small room filled with strange instruments and arcane symbols. In the centre of the room, Liliana could see all the women, including Isabella.

As she charged forward, her magical powers were at the ready. With a swift spell, she freed the young women from captivity and led them out of the cave. But as they emerged into the sunlight, Liliana’s eyes caught sight of a shadowy figure lurking in the distance. She could feel the malevolent energy emanating from the shadowy figure even from afar.

Alecto » Evil Witch

Liliana moved forward with caution, her senses on high alert. The sound of a muttering voice speaking in an unknown language reached her ears. Being well-versed in the language of magic, Liliana drew closer to the shadowy figure. She could see that it was none other than the notorious evil witch, Alecto.

Liliana knew all about Alecto. Her reputation as an evil witch and her power in the dark arts were feared by all who knew them. She is even not affected by the brightness of the day.

As Alecto turned to face Liliana, a wave of fear washed over the village women as they watched the two powerful mages engage in a fierce staredown. But Liliana remained resolute and acted swiftly, tossing a diamond to Isabella. Isabella’s quick thinking allowed her to deftly catch the diamond. Liliana instructed her to construct a protective shield around the group.

Magical Incantation

Repeat after me: ‘Brilliaque Ardere Praesidium Diamantus Protego’. This is the magical incantation that activates the diamond’s shield. Liliana’s voice was steady, but there was a sense of urgency in her tone.

Isabella nodded, her eyes focused and determined. ‘Brilliaque Ardere Praesidium Diamantus Protego’ she repeated with conviction, and with that, the blue diamond shield appeared around the group, protecting them from the malevolent energy emanating from Alecto. It offers a glimmer of safety in the midst of danger. The women breathed a collective sigh of relief as they felt the shield’s protective aura around them.

Fierce Confrontation

The tension in the air was palpable as the two mages stood locked in their fierce confrontation.

Alecto wore a wicked grin on her face, relishing in the fear and desperation of her opponents. On the other hand, Liliana was not one to be feared easily. With a flick of her wand, she conjured a powerful spell, sending a beam of shimmering light towards Alecto.

The Alecto responded, and the two spells collided in a shower of sparks and smoke. The women behind the diamond shield held their breath as the battle raged on, unsure of who would emerge victorious.

Alecto dug deep with her eyes as she continued to relentlessly hurl flames from her body at Liliana.

Alecto drew upon the depths of her magical reserves, unleashing a relentless onslaught of spells upon Liliana. As each incantation left her lips, her power seemed to grow stronger and more malevolent, causing the very air to crackle with dark energy.

Liliana struggled to keep up her attack, but her own magic faltered under the weight of Alecto’s relentless assault.

Alecto unleashed a devastating spell, one that would have surely ended the battle in her favor. But Isabella was quick on her feet and threw the stone with all her might at Alecto, giving Liliana just enough time to prepare. Alecto’s eyes flashed with rage, and she glared with hatred at Isabella, but she quickly hid behind the tree.

Illusion of Isabella

Alecto stepped forward to the tree, and Liliana realized that she needed a new strategy. With a quick wave of her wand, she conjured an illusion of Isabella running through the forest in the opposite direction. Alecto fell for the trap, pursuing the illusion, giving Liliana the chance to regroup and prepare for the next attack.

Liliana knew that this could be her only chance to strike back at the evil witch. Taking a deep breath, Liliana summoned all of her magical energy and focused it into a powerful spell. As Alecto turned back around, she was hit with a fierce blast of energy, which caused her to lose her balance.

Alecto’s eyes were blazing with fury as she realized she had been tricked. She quickly began to weave a complex spell, drawing upon the power of the forest. The air around them crackled with magic as Alecto poured every ounce of her energy into the spell, her eyes fixed intently on Liliana.

Red and Blue Clouds

As the ominous red clouds gathered above, Alecto redirected a cloud of red light towards Liliana. But Liliana was ready for her; Liliana then began to counterattack. She raised her wand and cast a series of powerful spells at the red cloud, breaking it apart into smaller, harmless pieces of water. With each successful spell, the clouds began to dissipate, revealing a clear blue sky once more.

Alecto watched in shock as Liliana dismantled their attack with ease. Alecto opened the attack with a series of rapid-fire shots that sent Liliana backwards. Liliana is struggling to regain her balance. Alecto seized the opportunity to launch another attack.

This time, with a flick of her wand, Liliana summoned a blue cloud of wind that knocked Alecto tumbling to the ground.

Liliana stepped forward with a determined glint in her eye, drawing on all of her training and experience to prepare for what was sure to be a gruelling battle. The Alecto, sensing her strength, began to taunt her, hoping to undermine her confidence and create fear in the environment.

Despite the odds stacked against her, Liliana remained steadfast and unwavering in her determination. She stood her ground, drawing upon the power of her magic to create a shield around herself. The Alecto launched a barrage of dark spells, but Liliana deftly dodged and countered.

Final Attack

As the two mages battled back and forth, the forest around them shook with the force of their magic. The trees themselves seemed to cower in fear as the two powerful forces clashed. Their magical collision creates a thunderstorm and a loud sound. With each passing moment, Liliana felt her strength growing, her confidence bolstered by the knowledge that she was fighting for a noble cause.

Despite Alecto’s best efforts to overpower her, Liliana remained steadfast and focused. The village women gave her the strength and determination to stand up to him.

With fierce determination, Liliana focused all of her magical energy into one final attack. A bright flash of light illuminated the cave as her spell struck Alecto with unstoppable power. The evil witch’s eyes widened in shock as she stumbled backwards, clutching her chest in agony. Her lips moved soundlessly, trying to utter a spell to defend herself, but Liliana’s attack was too powerful.

As the smoke cleared, Liliana watched as the Alecto fell to the ground, defeated at last. She knew that the danger was finally over.

The cave began to shake and tremble as Alecto’s body crumpled to the ground and the last of the dark witch’s magic dissipated. Suddenly, a blinding light filled the space, and Liliana shielded her eyes against the brightness. When she opened them again, she found herself standing in the center of a small cottage, surrounded by the missing women.

They were all safe, but their eyes were haunted by the horrors they had endured. Liliana knew that their wounds would take time to heal.

Rumors Began

Liliana breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she had saved not only Isabella but also the entire village of Breezewood from the mage’s malevolent magic. She had faced down a powerful foe and emerged victorious, proving once again that her skill, intelligence, and bravery were more than a match for any challenge that came her way.

Despite Liliana’s efforts, the memory of Alecto and the fear she had instilled in them lingered in the minds of the villagers. They knew that they needed to be prepared for any future threat. As a result, Liliana established a school of magic in Breezewood, where she trained the younger generation in the art of magic and self-defense.

Years passed, and Breezewood thrived under the guidance of Liliana and her students. However, rumors began to circulate about a new dark force emerging in the nearby mountains. Liliana knew that she needed to act quickly, and she gathered her most promising students to prepare for the battle ahead.

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The stage was set for a new adventure as Liliana and her students set out to face this new threat and protect the people of Breezewood.

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