19 Smart Ways to Control Your Budgets » Based on My Experience

Saving money is as important as earning money. It’s just like your future earnings. A friend in your hard time. Yes, It’s not an easy task. There are a lot of expenditures. Utility bills, rent, grocery, school fee and much more. On the other hand, coronavirus (covid-19) is rising all around the world. People are getting jobless. The Economic crisis is getting worse day by day. It’s difficult to meet essential expenses for a common man. So, the most important question is, how is it possible to save money in this pandemic situation?

Today I want to share with you some smart ways to save money based on my experience. A few years ago, I was jobless. My savings helped me a lot during my hard time. In those days I realized why we should save money. At the same time, I learned the smart techniques of saving money. So, I think it would be helpful to share with you stuff that’s worked for me. If you feel saving is something difficult for you, or not possible in the current pandemic scenario. Just go through these tips from top to bottom. I am confident that it will help you to make your future happier, comfortable and secure.

Smart Ways to Control Your Budgets During the Pandemic Covid19

Let’s start

1. Convince Yourself and Your Family

Ask yourself why you want to save money? What can you do by saving money? Do you want to buy your own house? Interested to grow your business or simply want to secure your future? Whatever you want you can imagine. As well as educate your family that why saving money is beneficial for their future. It is very important to convince them. Remember! The more your family cooperates with you, the easier it will be to achieve your targets.


Talk to your partner or family members regularly about your saving plans and targets. Discuss all conflicts and doubts with each other. Proper communication helps you to achieve your goals. In Fact, it’s key to success.

2. Write Down Your Expenses

It is very important to write down your income and expenses record. Make columns separately for each type of expenses. It will help you to check out, where are you spending more? Once you know, it becomes easier for you to decide which expenses can be reduced.


If you’re not interested in writing. Download any monthly planner or budgeting app. Digital technology helps you to keep a complete record in a smart way.

3. Avoid Debt.

Attractive offers from sellers convince us to buy expensive items on instalments. It looks pretty good to have latest electronics, luxurious furniture, and smart phones by paying just a small amount initially. But in reality, these small debts suck your income gradually and at last you have nothing in your balance except debt. So, if you want a secure and happy future. Say goodbye to debt, and never spend your money before you earn it.

4. Pay Your Bills on Time

Make sure you pay your utility bills, school fee, rent, credit card bills and other payments on time to avoid late surcharges. Do it first on a priority basis. Otherwise, there is a strong possibility that you will forget it and face trouble at the end of month.


  • Use an online payment method. It will save your time and transportation charges.
  • Set up a reminder alarm in your mobile to ensure timely payment. This will help you pay on time.

5. Use Cash

Use cash for non-bill spending’s instead of credit or debit cards. In Fact, It’s a psychological game. When you pay by card, your account is automatically deducted. It’s a routine procedure. So, you don’t care about it. On the other hand, when you pay cash for any purchases. Your mind gets alerts and immediately realizes you. How much have you spent and what is left over? So, you avoid unnecessary expenses automatically.


Make envelopes for expenses separately in the beginning of each month. It will help you to sort out how much you can spend on each item.

6. A Jar for Coins

A simple, easy and old way of saving. Use any coin box or pot for this purpose. Ask your kids to put all the coins in it. It’s a good way to cultivate a good habit of saving in children.

7. Home Schooling

Homeschooling is a good source to educate your kids at home. No need to pay high school fees.

If you’re an educated person you can teach your child yourself. Otherwise, you can find a number of online resources easily. I strongly recommend homeschooling for kids especially in this uncertain pandemic situation. Free online facilities are also available for this purpose. Do google to know more about it.


  • Make a regular study time table and strictly follow it.
  • Arrange a tutor only for hard subjects such as Maths, physics, economics etc.
  • Stay connected with those families, who are applying homeschooling methods for their kids. As you know communication is key to success.

8. Free Entertainment

Try to find out free resources for entertainment. No need to go to the cinema for your favorite movie. You can convert your tv lounge into a movie theater and make fun at home with family and friends. Enjoy at the seaside or go to a park nearby your home for recreation. Spend your holidays at your hometown with family members instead of going outside of the country. It’s also a chance to create a strong bond with your family. Don’t find happiness in spending. There are a lot of ways to refresh your mind. Just think about it and you will find the way.

9. Internet for Free Resources

Internet is a good source to save and earn money. You can use it in multiple ways. Use it for free entertainment. Watch movies, songs or play games. Download books in PDF format and make your own digital library. You can avail it for online marketing. Save your time by using online banking facilities. Additionally, there are many sources available for creative and intelligent people to earn money by using it smartly. So go for it and see miracles.

10. Cooking at Home

Homemade food is hundred times better than ready-made or frozen food. It is good, not only for your pocket but also for your health. Avoid eating out and cultivate a habit of cooking at home. Prepare your lunch boxes for school or office yourself. No need to go every time outside for a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes eating out is okay but don’t make it a habit. It will help you to control your dining budget.

11. Healthy Eating Habits

Boost your immunity by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. Save your medical bills by changing unhealthy habits, like junk food, alcohol and tobacco. Fresh fruit juice and organic food are much better options. Do google and find diet charts and nutrition guidelines easily. Kitchen gardening can help you a lot. Use your backyard, terrace or balcony for it. This is not just a source of reducing your cooking budget, it can also help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, as well as a good hobby to refresh your body, mind and soul. Trust me, you’re probably going to enjoy it pretty quickly. So, begin doing it.

12. Exercise at Home

No need to pay high fees for gym or fitness center. Especially in this pandemic crisis it is better to do it at home. Do jogging at a park nearby your home. Simple and advanced fitness equipment are available at reasonable pricing everywhere. You can use it easily at home. Do meditation for peace of mind. Watch a number of free tutorials on the internet. You can learn yoga, aerobics, and various types of exercises here. A good way to make your body and mind fit and fresh without any cost.

13. Avoid Shopping with Kids

Leave your kids at home, when you’re going to the shopping mall or market. They can insist on expensive toys, imported chocolates or anything else, which can spoil your entire budget. The fact is that most malls display attractive items for kids at a prominent place. This is their business trick. They know that it will not be easy for parents to convince their child in a public place. So, to avoid such an unexpected situation, I suggest you not to go to the market with your children.

14. Shopping List

Make a list before going shopping and strictly follow it. Don’t buy unnecessary items just because of advertisements and discounts. Do shopping smartly.

15. One Week Challenge

If you really like an item and want to purchase it. Don’t buy it immediately. Just wait for at least one week. Think carefully! Do you really need it? Is it possible to live without it, or if there is any better alternative available? Do shopping sensibly.

16. Online Shopping

You can do a hassall free shopping without going anywhere. Save your transportation charges, and get what you want easily at your doorstep. Especially in this pandemic situation online shopping might be a good source to save your money, time and energy.

Popular Online Fashion Stores that can help you to enhance your personality on a low budget.


Use discount coupons and special offers, announced by different online platforms from time to time.

17. Brand Race

Unfortunately, nowadays everyone is running after brands. It’s good to prefer quality while purchasing. But it doesn’t make any sense to pay 4 or 5 times more than actual cost just because of a brand tag or society pressure. It does not mean that I advise you to buy something cheap with low quality. I just want to say that before you buy anything, make sure you pay for the quality of the item, not just for its name or brand tag. Believe me, with a little effort and research, you can get a brand-like quality at a reasonable price.


  • Do a complete survey before buying anything.
  • Prefer company of like-minded people instead to join gatherings of brand conscious people to avoid society pressure.

18. Decluttering and Minimalism

Make your life simple by getting rid of all useless stuff from your home. Sale out all junk or give it to someone deserving. No need to keep the things, what you don’t need actually. Don’t buy the stuff that you’re not actually going to use. Decluttering and minimalism help you a lot to build up your savings as well as make your life more simple, easier and comfortable. I personally experienced both in my life and got excellent results. So, I suggest you go for it. It really works.

19. Safe Investment Plans

Do safe investments to maintain your income resources. Utilize your savings to make more money by investing in profitable financial plans. Such as saving certificates, mutual funds, fixed deposit schemes etc. Always do a proper survey before going into a business plan to avoid any risk factor. Every penny you save enables you to make more money. If you know where and how to invest it.


Ask for a professional’s advice before joining any financial or business plan.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn. What matters is how you spend and save the amount you earn. I hope that these smart saving tips help you to give some inspiration on ways that enable you to save money for a secure future. Start slowly, but do start. Remember! One day your small savings will blossom into an extra layer of financial security. So, save your future by learning smart ways of saving.

Today I discussed what has worked for me in my hard times. Whatever you like, you can choose. Don’t hesitate to make it a part of your life. I would love to know what are your favorite money saving tricks that you want to implement in your life this year. Share your tips and tricks in the comments below! As you know, sharing is caring.

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