Printify vs Printful » You Must Consider 5 Key Factors Before Choosing

Printify vs Printful 🔥 5 key factors 🔥 You must consider before choosing PRINTIFY or PRINTFUL as your POD business partner.

Good news for artists, designers, writers, creative and business minded people.

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Days are gone when starting a business was not an easy task for a common man. Now it’s not difficult for anyone to create a fashion store on POD platforms. These sites provide you a great opportunity to use your creative skills to make money in an easy way. No need to worry about purchasing, production, storage and shipping procedures. Your site is responsible for all of these steps. So, what you have to do! Just sit on a comfortable chair in front of your laptop and use your creative mind to make unique and attractive designs on your chosen products.

There are numerous POD sites out there. If you’re a digital artist, have some basic knowledge of designing and printing, most probably you are familiar to Printify and Printful but the most important question is;
How do you know which one is best for your business?

Who is best between Printify and Printful?

To make your decision easier, today we are going to take a close look at printify and printful. Both are most well-known POD platforms that offer creative people with unique ideas and designs an easy and simple way to get into the market.

Since it’s a detailed review, here’s a quick table of content:

What is PRINTIFY and how does it work?

Trusted by more than 500000+ happy merchants, Printify is one of the most reliable drop shipping print-on-demand network. It was launched in 2015. Currently they are generating 10000+ products daily from 100+ locations. Their co-founders James Berdigans and Artis Kehris say that they create printify to make merchandise available to everyone. The platform claims to provide a great chance for creative minded people, digital nomads and energetic business owners through their platform. So that they can use their skills better to create custom products, make sales and run their business easily.

Printify Strong Points

  • Simple and easy way to connect buyers, merchants and suppliers.
  • Globally shipping
  • 300+ products.
  • 100+ Print locations.
  • Free Mockups generator.
  • integrated with leading e-commerce stores.

Printify Weak Points

  • Slower delivery time
  • Quality is variable

What is PRINTFUL and how does it work?

Founded in 2013, Printful is one of the most popular POD and fulfillment warehousing companies with almost 400K active customers. Proudly claim to be an ever-growing team of 1,400 + pros across North America and Europe, with partners in Japan and Australia. The platform allows you to create and sell custom products globally for yourself, your loved ones, or anyone else who is looking for high quality products with impressive and unique designs. Company is responsible for production, fulfillment and shipping procedures for you on demand.

Strong Points

  • Warehouse and fulfillment services.
  • 300+ premium products.
  • No minimum order requirements.
  • Globally shipping offers.
  • Integrated with a large number of e-commerce stores.
  • Latest printing equipment’s.
  • 1M+ items fulfilled each month.

Weak Points

  • Higher prices
  • Less variety

Printful vs Printify » Main differences

Today I’m going to compared these companies in five major areas:

  1. Suppliers
  2. Print Quality
  3. Order Fulfillment and Shipping time
  4. Integration with online stores
  5. Pricing, Plans & Profit margin

Ready? Let’s take a close look into the world’s top two most popular POD sites.

1- Suppliers

Printify doesn’t produce any of their own merchandise. Instead, they provide you an opportunity to choose from a variety of third-party suppliers for your products. In Fact, it’s more like a middle man, who connects you with a bunch of manufacturers so you can choose anyone according to your need and budget.

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If you’re working with Printful. There is no need to deal with third parties because Printful produces everything in-house. It supplies all its products without relying on third parties and ensures you about the product quality, which saves your time and energy. On the other hand, it’s a reason why the manufacturing cost of Printful becomes more costly than Printify manufacturing cost in most cases.

2- Print Quality

Printify does not invest in printing equipment. As mentioned above, they act like a middle man who connects both suppliers and designers. They have a wide range of manufacturers who offer their printing services for production at different rates. The quality of the product may vary. Sometimes you find good quality and sometimes it could be average. So, you have to be very careful while choosing a manufacturer for your business and customer satisfaction.

In contrast Printful prints all products in their own manufacturing units. All orders go through their quality check department before shipping to you. Furthermore, company have invested more than $57 million in printing equipment. This means they are seriously working to maintain quality standards. So, while talking about print quality we can say that Printful is more reliable and risk free, but it doesn’t mean that printify has poor product quality. They also have good options and more variety than Printful. In Fact, it depends how smartly you choose a supplier according to your need and budget. If you choose carefully, printify could be more economical and beneficial for your business.

3- Order Fulfillment and Shipping Time

It is very important to consider shipping and fulfillment time, when you are going to choose a POD partner for your online business. That means you have to see how long a company takes time to fulfill your order for your customers.

Obviously, shipping times depend on the location of the provider and destination. In most cases it ranges from five to ten days for local delivery and ten to thirty days for international shipping.

Printify has suppliers throughout the US as well as the UK and China. So, in the end, the delivery times and shipping rates could vary quite significantly from one supplier to another. When you’re calculating order times, keep in mind that a local supplier may be able to produce your products for the customer faster. On the other hand, if you have international orders from other countries, an overseas supplier may fulfill your orders faster to your customers than a local supplier.

Printful doesn’t rely on third parties, instead, it executes its orders directly from its own locations. That means, you won’t be dealing with third-parties at any point. Each and every item you end up selling will be sourced directly from Printful in-house supply chain. This can save you time and you can get your product listed faster. Printful has fulfillment locations in California and North Carolina to facilitate US customers. They also fulfill orders for international traders in Mexico and Latvia.

In particular, which one is better depends on where your customers are. For the United States, things are more or less the same. Both companies have fulfillment centers in the United States and they also offer express delivery there. But if we talk about Overseas, it depends on what country you’re located in. For British and Chinese sellers Printify is obviously better than Printful. On the other hand, Printful might be a good choice for you to fulfill your orders in Mexico and Latvia.

4- Integration with e-Commerce Stores

Both sites are integrated with most major e-commerce stores. Procedure is a bit different on both platforms but yet simple and can be done easily through the app. Once you’ve done that, any design you create on these sites will automatically upload in your online stores.

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For unsupported e-commerce sites, you can create your listings manually. This is not difficult, but it can be time consuming if you are going to work on several online stores across different platforms. Here Printful clearly has the edge as they are integrated with more online stores than printify. Such as:

  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • WooCommerce
  • Amazon
  • BigCommerce
  • Storenvy
  • Weebly
  • Webflow
  • Gumroad
  • Ecwid
  • Shipstation
  • Bigcartel
  • Launch Cart

Printify integrates with the following stores.

  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • PrestaShop
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • WIX
  • Squarespace
  • Printify API

While both services allow you to show your designed products on major e-commerce sites, you can notice that Printful provides you more options regarding integration with on-line stores. This makes it an ideal solution to upgrade your on-line business, but it doesn’t mean that printify is doing nothing. The platform is integrated with most popular on-line stores such as Etsy, eBay and Shopify. This means you still have good options to sell your items on world’s most popular on-line stores. So, in my opinion both platforms are doing a good job regarding integration with major e-commerce stores. Finally, it’s up to you how wisely you choose your print on demand service provider to take out the most.

5- Prices, Plans and Profit Margin

Both Printify and Printful offer you to sign up for free. No hidden charges. No fee or commission for transactions. You have to pay when your products sell. Whole procedure is so simple and easy. Your profit margin depends on the sales price minus the total cost of manufacturing and shipping. For example, if you sell your designed tee shirt for $25 and paid $10.00 USD for its printing and shipping cost, your profit would be $15.00 USD.

On printify your profit margin and total price can be more or less depending on your supplier manufacturing cost, whereas Printful has fixed standards prices for each product. That’s a reason why Printful has higher prices than printify.

PRINTIFY Pricing and Plans

Printify offers three subscription packages. Basic plan is completely free with 24/7 merchant support. Unlimited product designs, integration with Shopify, Etsy, eBay and more. Free Mockup generator, plus 5 stores per account. If you’re an established merchant and need more facilities. Premium plan and Enterprise Plan might be a good choice for you with a lot of smart features.

PRINTFUL Pricing and Plans

Printful doesn’t ask for a monthly or upfront fee. They only charge for fulfillment & shipping, when someone dispatch an order and pay your set retail price. Your profit margin depends on the difference of manufacturing plus shipping cost and total price of your designed product. For example, if manufacturing and shipping cost for a tee-shirt is $8.00 USD and you sell at $10.00 USD. You will get $2.00 USD on each purchase. It truly is that straightforward.

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Platform allows you to sign up for free. You can customize 300+ products with free Design Maker, product templates, mockups and print files. Thousands of clipart images and automatically integrate to 20+ most popular ecommerce platforms. For more exclusive features, you can choose a Printful membership with a 14-day free trial period. Printful Growth membership costs $24.99 with the monthly subscription. Once you sell over $12k, you get free Printful business membership for a year.

Printify vs Printful » Final Verdict

Today we discussed five major factors in detail regarding main differences between printify and Printful. So, which printing service should you choose, Printful or Printify.

I would say that each one of these sites basically does the same job in their own way. You can choose anyone according to your specific needs and criteria. Both platforms are the most popular choices among the users today. These sites are here to help make work easier, so why not take full advantage of it.

Have you already used PRINTIFY or PRINTFUL? Let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below! NewOfferSee is always willing to hear from you.

I hope this guide has helped you to decide on the right one for you. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter. It might be helpful for those who are looking for a suitable Print on Demand site to upgrade their business.

Stay with us to explore more about the digital world.

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