7 Most Viewed Print-on-Demand Sites | Frequently Visited POD Websites

Make money online by uploading your design on the best print-on-demand sites to work with and bring your vision to life.

Don’t worry if you are not a graphic designer. No need to be an artist. Just some basic skills and energy to do something new is enough.

In this article. I’m going to guide you about the top 7 best and most viewed print-on-demand websites. These sites work worldwide so it doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you designed and uploaded it. You can sell custom products. You can get commissions or get paid in royalty.

But how will you do it?

To make it even easier to choose the best print-on-demand site for your specific needs. I will tell you about seven most viewed websites. The half of them I’m still using at the moment. The rest of the half I’m going to plan to use in the future. These websites are best to sell your print on demand designs.

Most Viewed Print-on-Demand Sites

Here is a list of the top seven sites which I found best and easiest. In this article, I am going to share with you how I get into Merch by Amazon. So, read this article from top to bottom for better understanding.

1- Redbubble

Redbubble is the best website for beginners. If you are starting to do design. Want to sell printed on demand designs. Redbubble is one of the best websites to start. As a beginner, you don’t need much experience. It doesn’t need any skills, even though you don’t know about Photoshop. You don’t have graphic designer skills. But if you can use the CanvaSnappa and any other online design edit software. Come up with the basic design and upload it on Redbubble. On Redbubble the key is consistency. Uploading more designs. You never know which is going to work. You can calculate two things. One, you can target a trending topic. Also, you can upload your own designs. So, some of them get sold in the coming days. But never expected to make millions of dollars with one design. That’s never going to happen. Upload as long as how many designs that you want. Some of the people upload 100+ artworks. Some of them upload more than 1000 artwork. So, it’s up to you. More you upload, the more you have a better chance to get sold.

Redbubble Key Thing

One key thing about Redbubble. Go to the Redbubble search bar. Put your first letter “a”. That “a” indicates these other keywords that people use. Like “anime”, “ark invest”, something like that.

Redbubble search bar

If you see in above picture. There’s an arrow mark indicating that these keywords are trending on Redbubble. Or making a couple of sales in a couple of days. That means three days or just in the week. You can consider it as a week. If you click that.

These kinds of words on the t-shirts are selling well. That means trending, people are searching on Redbubble. So, what can you do? You can go to CreativeFabrica. Come up with something differently and upload it. You can make your money out of it.

This is the way you can earn money on the Redbubble.

redbubble traffic overview at similarweb

If you go to SimilarWeb and type Redbubble. You can see Redbubble is frequently visited website in the world. Redbubble is basically getting more than 30 million views every single month. So, you have more chances to sell your designs. This website works worldwide. You can see at SimilarWeb. 11 category rank and 639 United States rank. You can see the traffic overview graph. Changes are going after lockdown. People are starting to buy online. You can see the trend is going up. So, upload as much as design you can. You can make money out of it. On Redbubble 60 uploads is minimum per day. If you have multiple accounts then you also can’t upload more than 60 designs. You can come up with a unique design within two to three hours. Upload them and you have more chances to make sales.

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2- Society6

The same website like previous one. You can start your work at Society6 just like other sites. If we go to SimilarWeb. They have the eighth category rank and 1494 united states rank. They are getting around 6.93 million. They have almost doubled the views after lockdown. Last year they were getting around 3.9 million. Now they are getting about 7 million per month. It means their business is growing day by day. More views mean more chances to sell. So, in my opinion, this is the right time to introduce yourself on this platform with something creative.

3- Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is worth worldwide. Create your design. If you buy commercial use patterns and designs. Then you can Upload there. So, you can do whatever you want. Main point to be considered is that you are not spending money to earn money. All you need to do is, spend your time and effort. What you have to do! coming up with creative designs. You can license with companies, like Marvel, Fox or Sony etc. You know licensed brands. So, you can create branded design t-shirts, if you license them. Which means you’re going to get your own commission. They’re going to get their commission. You can expand your design rate. If you’re a good and perfect designer. You can license with companies. To make their official cartoons and movies designs too. All of this depends on your efforts.

Regarding how many visits Spreadshirt getting per month? So, again if you go to SimilarWeb and go down the bottom. Their views are also increasing after the lockdown. They are getting more traffic, about 3 million to 4 million. That’s great.

4- CafePress

You can have another opportunity there. It’s one of the old sites. Similar to Redbubble. You can create designs and upload it here. They also get more views every single month. Go with CafePress. They got around 3 million views. After lockdown their views are also going up. People are spending more time on buying online. That means more chances to grow your business. You don’t have to upload the same design. If you want your design rank high. Then you can do it with the help of some new ideas. You can try with the different designs on multiple items. You have more opportunity. Create your design. You can make money out of it.

5- Zazzle

With Zazzle customize and create designs on the world best quality products. It works the same as Teespring. What you have to do? Just create and come up with the exclusive designs. Uploaded to Zazzle. They are getting millions of views every month like Redbubble and teespring. So, you have more chances to sales your products here.

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Let’s check zazzle on similarweb. Go to SimilarWeb and type Zazzle. Something we use every single month. Again, results are the same. Spreadshirt and Cafepress are good choice. Then you have the option of Zazzle. So, you can upload it with the same design over there. They are getting around 13.8 million views every single month. Yes, traffic is fluctuating. But it’s increasing day by day especially after lockdown. So, I think zazzle is an excellent platform to promote your designs.

6- Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a great platform for making sales and promoting your business. Beginners ask how to get into Merch by Amazon? So, here is the way. I found to get into Merch by Amazon. It’s not difficult but a little bit tricky.

Merch by Amazon Approval

You need to create unique design on another pod platform like Redbubble, Zazzle etc. When you have a 25+ designs on anyone of above print on demand t-shirt companies. Then you apply merch by amazon and must mention your other stablish and more successful design store URL. If you have a website. You can put your site URL there. Now its higher chance that your profile is accepted. Merch by Amazon not accept quickly. It takes more than 2 months.

Amazon is getting around three billion views every single month. Most visited site in the world. People all around the world are buying products from here. When you list your item on Amazon Merch, that is worldwide. People from India to Australia to UK to Canada can buy your design. So, this is the way, how you’re going to make money and promote your business.

7- Teespring

In my opinion Teespring is the best choice after the Zazzle. I have one account with them. When I uploaded my first design here to see how it works? I realized that on Teespring, it’s better to generate your first sale as your own. You are new to Teespring, they know that. So, they are not going to promote you initially. It’s better to promote your listing by yourself. You can use paid advertising or social media like Facebook, in order to get one or two initial sales. So, 10+ sales are better. Then Teespring will promote your store or designs to more people.

This is the way you can earn money on Teespring.

Leading print on demand store option is teespring. You can see Teespring traffic on SimilarWeb. If you search it on SimilarWeb. Teespring is getting less than Redbubble. But again, it’s the best I believe. These all print on demand sites traffic is going up after lockdown. Local people start to buy online. Before lock-down they’re getting around 14 million average. But now it is going up. They are now getting around 22 million views per month. So, you have a better chance to promote your business. You can make money here by creating more designs.


Consistency, hard work and energy to do something new and creative are keys of success. Remember nothing will happen overnight. It will take you record times and efforts. Keep uploading. Keep creating designs. Be consistent and don’t ever give up. One day you can get sales from each site.

What do you have to do?

You need to put the work in the initial stage. You need to upload designs every single day. If you have time. Redbubble upload limit is up to 60 works per day. You can spend two to three hours daily. You can create some designs in different patterns and sell in these 7 best and most frequently visited Print-on-Demand sites. Uploaded there. Either one of them has a chance to get sold. You can make money out of it.

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