Is Bluehost Perfect Choice for Hosting Website? Pros and Cons of Bluehost Hosting

If someone asks you about a secure, fast and affordable web hosting provider, most probably blue hosting is one of the names that will pop up in your mind right away. One of the largest hosting sites in the world currently hosting over 2 million sites. If you’re looking for a WordPress hosting provider, it’s good to know that Bluehost has been officially recommended by WordPress as a hosting provider since 2005.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost Hosting

But does it mean that it’s a perfect choice for your business needs?

There are many other reliable sites in the market with advanced features and attractive offers. So, the most important question is, why you should prefer Bluehost for your site?

This is our complete Bluehost review and we are going to cover the most important deciding factors in-depth. But, before going into more details, let’s take a look at some important points we will discuss today.

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Let’s dive into our detailed review.


A reliable name among the world’s largest hosting providers who claims to provide advanced web tools to millions of users around the world with affordable packages. Bluehost was started as a web hosting company in 2003 by Matt Heaton in the USA. Since 2010, the platform has been working under the management of Endurance International Group (EIG).


Bluehost invites you to build and grow your site effortlessly with its easy step-by-step guideline. The platform offers you a wide range of hosting packages with free Domain Name for first Year and 24/7 excellent customer support. Bluehost is truly said all in one platform, as it has every service you need to build a site. That makes your work incredibly easier and faster. Fast and secure services with 24/7 active support save your time and energy and enable you to complete your tasks with peace of mind. As well as if you’re confused about which package is perfectly fit for your site, blog or online store. You can ask for free consultation. They have a perfect team of experts, who are ready for your help whenever you need. Furthermore, platform provides almost every type of hosting, such as:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting


Shared Hosting is a perfect place for beginners and small business owners, where more than one sites works on a single server. A good thing about shared hosting is that there is no need to worry about server management and platform patches because it’s managed by your hosting provider.

Today we are going to focus on WordPress and Shared Hosting packages only. If you are interested to know other types of hosting. Click below to read more about it. See Best Web Hosting Companies


Let’s take a look at the plan tiers for shared Hosting.

Bluehost offers 4 plans for shared Hosting.

Basic plan, plus, choice plus and pro plan.

Basic: If you are looking for only one site and 50GB SSD storage is enough for your needs, then it’s a good choice for you. You have to pay only $2.75 per month for a 36 months term. Auto renewal for the next term, that will be higher than the first term.

PLUS: If you are interested in running multiple sites with unlimited storage, plus plan is for you. Plan also includes free domain for 1st year, additionally CDN and SSL Certificate are included for free. Currently available for $4.95/month, for a term of 3 years. Do remember that you have to pay for next time on a regular price.

Choice Plus: A recommended plan by the platform. If you decide to buy choice plus, you will be powered with the Plus features. Additionally, you will get free domain privacy and daily backup for $5.45/month for the first term.

Pro Plan: If you need a high-performance site with all features of choice pro plan and dedicated IP address then you can think about Pro Plan to get more power with elegant web resources.

You can choose any plan according to your requirement and budget. All plans except Basic plan allows you to work on multiple sites with unlimited space and bandwidth, that’s really great. As well as you get global CDN and SSL certificates for free. Pro Plan is a bit expensive, but plus and choice Plus plans are pretty good options for all types of businesses in an affordable range.

Keep in mind before starting any plan, that you can avail discounts only for the first term. At the time of renewal, you have to pay regular rates, which are a bit higher than Promotional pricing but still affordable than competitors.


One thing that improves its credibility more is that Bluehost is one of the three hosting sites recommended by WordPress official site. Platform offers comprehensive tools along with one click installation and affordable hosting packages to help the community. That makes it an ideal choice for professionals and beginners both.

BLUEHOST Packages for WP & WooCommerce Sites

Bluehost offers 3 types of packages for WordPress sites.

  1. Shared web hosting
  2. WP managed hosting
  3. WooCommerce hosting

The cheapest plan is the shared hosting plan with automatic installation of the latest version of WordPress and regular WP updates. Bluehost offers 4 plans under this category that we have mentioned before. You can choose anyone according to your needs. However, if you need more security options and extra backup power, you can check WP managed hosting, which is further divided into 3 packages.

  1. Build: Starting cost is $9.95/mo. for a 3 years term.
  2. Grow: Starting cost is $14.95/mo. if billed for a 3 years term.
  3. Scale: Starting cost is $27.95/month.

All plans are perfect to manage high traffic sites with 24/7 expert’s support. Additionally, Bluehost offers you a Microsoft 365 Email license, for free with all plans for one month.

WooCommerce Hosting

Bluehost offers WooCommerce plans, especially designed for online stores with standard and premium packages. Starting cost for a standard plan is $12.95/month, for a 3 years term.

As we have mentioned before, at the time of renewal you have to pay regular prices for the next term, which are higher than promotional rates. However, you are allowed to cancel your automatic renewal anytime, if you’re not interested to continue your package for the next term.

MIGRATE FOR FREE with Bluehost Site Migrator Plugin

Are you fed up to your current hosting provider?

Interested in migrating to a better hosting provider like Bluehost!

There is good news for you. Now you can easily migrate your WordPress site over to Bluehost for free.

Migration procedure is not an easy task for anyone. But now it’s possible with Bluehost Site Migrator Plugin, that makes migration simple, easy, and absolutely safe and secure. By applying a simple 5 step procedure you’ll be able to connect your domain to your new WordPress website without paying migration fee.

It’s a limited time offer. If you’re interested in migrating to Bluehost. You can ask for it to the Bluehost support team or connect us via email. NewOfferSee is always willing to provide guidance to our readers.


  • Beginners, who are looking for a reliable hosting provider on an affordable budget.
  • Small and large businesses owners.
  • On-line stores, finding e-commerce solutions to empower their sites.
  • High traffic sites and blogs to manage and secure their customers’ data along with backup power.
  • WordPress users, looking for a compatible hosting provider with advanced features and an active support team of WP experts.

What are the pros and cons of Bluehost?

Let’s take a look at the advantages that make Bluehost a perfect choice for everyone.

Fast speed: Bluehost empowers you with an excellent uptime guarantee of 99.98%. That makes your work incredibly easier and faster.

Easy-to-use cPanel interface: its feature-rich user-friendly interface enables you to run a website easily and quickly.

Easy upgradation: you can easily upgrade to a better plan anytime without paying extra charges.

Best option for WordPress: One of the best sites for setting up your site with WordPress. Facilitate you with comprehensive tools along with one click installation for a flawless experience.

Affordable packages: Bluehost offers a wide range of affordable packages for all types of hosting plans. It means you have a variety of plans to choose according to your needs and budget.

No hidden charges: Platform provide you full details of their prices for all products and services. There are no hidden charges at all.

Free domain: Bluehost offers a free domain name for the first year with all of its packages.

Free CDN + SSL certificates: Another facility with all hosting packages. They offer free anti-spam solutions with Cloudflare CDN support and free SSL certificate without any extra charges for all hosting users.

Money Back Guarantee: Company offers you a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans. This means you are able to check any plan within 30 days, is it compatible with your needs or not.

Support: 24/7 active customer support and expert’s guidance to solve all of your issues from starting a site to running it successfully. Helping articles and tutorials are also available for beginners.

Disadvantages of Bluehost Hosting

With a lot of advantages, Bluehost has some drawbacks that might be irritating for you. Let’s take a look at its weak points.

Renewal rates are higher: Platform offers promotion rates only for the first term. This means you have to pay regular prices for the next terms, which are higher than promotion rates.

Domain registration fee: Platform offers you a free domain for the first year. But keep in mind that you have to pay a registration fee of about $10 to $15, that is not refundable. Free domain renewal price is also higher than the first time offer.

Limited options in basic package: Although the basic package enables you to start your site on a low budget, it has limited options compared to other plans. Just ok for beginners.

No monthly plans: Bluehost doesn’t offer a monthly plan for its users except woo commerce online stores. Mostly they invite you to choose at least one year plan, that’s rates are higher compared to 2 year and 3 years plans.


Despite having some drawbacks, most users are quite satisfied with Bluehost’s services. Today they are hosting over 2 million sites. This means they are doing something extraordinary. In fact, Bluehost is not just a hosting provider. It’s an all-in-one platform that provides you with a number of elegant products and high-class services, which are hard to find anywhere else.

Another factor that distinguishes it to other competitors, is a wide variety of affordable hosting packages that gives an opportunity to its user to choose a perfect plan according to their requirements. As well a perfect platform to build your WordPress site easily without any hassle. The platform claims to provide each and everything you need to build a site successfully.

To conclude we would like to say that Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies that can be recommended to anyone who is looking for a reliable hosting provider with a variety of packages. However, if you feel we are missing anything in our review, feel free to tell us in the comments below. NewOfferSee would love to add your suggestions in our upcoming articles. As well as if you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it. As you know a Facebook/twitter share can help more people, who are looking for a reliable hosting solution.

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