5 Best Social Media Sites for Your Business

Days are gone, when print and electronic media was the only source to promote business and industry. Nowadays social media is playing a major role in the marketing industry. A great ability to connect people all around the world makes it a great source to share your ideas and vision to other people.

Yep, times have changed!

Do you know almost 4 billion people currently use social media from all over the world?

It’s almost half of the total population of the world. Popular social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram have billions of active users logging in to use social media daily.

A very interesting fact for marketers is that people aren’t just using social media for socializing or making fun, but also utilizing it as a commercial guide. A huge number of customers take their purchasing decisions by the help of social media sites. That’s the reason why these platforms have become very popular in the marketing industry. Almost every major company is using it actively as a great opportunity to stay engaged with their customers and promote businesses as well.

Top Social Media Sites for Your Business Marketing

So, what are you thinking about?

It’s the right time that you tap into it!

But with so many social media sites here. Which site could be a right choice to boost sales and engagement for your business?

Of course, selecting the right option can be tricky, especially if you’re a novice. There is a wide range of social media sites to choose from, but the good point is that you can start by picking out the most popular and most widely used ones. To make things simple for you, we did some research and compiled information about the best 5 social media sites for business. So, in this guide you’ll see some basic details about each platform as well as the number of total active users, and why you should consider these platforms for your business.

So, without much ado, let’s get started.


  • Headquarter: Menlo Park, California, USA.
  • Founded: Feb, 2004
  • CEO: Mark Zuckerberg
  • MAUs (Monthly active users): over 2.85 billion, as of the first quarter of 2021.

If you are looking for an easy way to create an online community to build your brand image. Most probably Facebook is the first name to pop up in the minds of everyone. With more than 2 billion users Facebook is the most popular platform that gives people the power to connect with each other. As well as help to find communities and grow businesses.

Let’s find out how Facebook can help you to grow your business.

Facebook Business Page

Do you know over 65 million brands are using Facebook Pages to promote their business online? Facebook provides you a place, where you can share deals and offers from your company to keep your followers informed. As well as interesting posts, videos and images related to your business plays an important role to engage more people to your page. A great way to attract your targeted audience to achieve your business goals for free. But if you need a huge number of audience and followers on your business page, you must think about Facebook ads.

Facebook Advertisements

A great way to engage more audiences to boost your business in an easy and affordable way. More than six million advertisers actively promote their business on Facebook, which makes it an excellent option to establish your online presence on social media. A good thing about the platform is that it’s a targeted digital advertising forum. It means you can target your desired audience by age groups, gender, location and interests wise. So, there is a great chance that your ads appear in the news feed of those people, who are willing to purchase your item. Infact Facebook’s advertising strategy is much better than other social media platforms.

Facebook Marketplace

Get more chances to promote your business with Facebook Marketplace. If you are a Facebook user, you are allowed to sell your items on FB marketplace for free. Since October 2018, more than 800 million users have come to the Facebook marketplace to discover, sell and buy various products. A remarkable place where sellers and buyers interact with each other. If you don’t have a high advertising budget, FB marketplace is a right destination, that allows you to design and create ads for your business by using ads manager tool, as well as enables you to set your own budget for your ads.

FB Groups

If you’re not interested in paying for FB advertising for any reason, Facebook groups might be a good option for you. Anyone can Join or create FB Groups according to their commercial needs. These groups allow you to share posts, images, videos and other related content about your products. As well as a good discussion forum, where buyers and sellers are able to discuss their queries, opinions and ideas, with each other.

In short, one of the most influential platforms, with billions of users and advanced targeted advertising plan, that provides you a great opportunity to promote your B2B (business to business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) brands in cost effective ways.


  • Headquarter: Menlo Park, California
  • Founded: October, 2010
  • Founder: Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger
  • Owner: Facebook
  • Available in: 32 languages
  • Monthly active users: 1+ billion

One of the most popular social media sites with more than one billion people, who are actively using the platform for sharing photos, videos and social stories to each other. It’s acquired by FB in 2012 for a handsome amount of $1+ billions. The platform is also called as the younger cousin of Facebook.

Today Instagram is not just a visual sharing platform for family and friends but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for business owners and brands. Especially after the pandemic more people are likely to join online communities for business and Instagram is one of the best online marketplace that provides more chances to grow your business with its strong user base platform and advanced advertising program. According to Instagram’s official site 2 million businesses have joined Instagram to connect with people as well as 90% users of Instagram follow a business ‏out there. That’s really great.

So, what are you thinking about?

It’s the right time to check how Instagram can be beneficial for your business.

Let’s find out!

Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Allows you to create business accounts in an easy way with more chances to grow your business.

Shopping with Instagram

A good feature introduced by the platform in 2020. With the shop tab users can buy products directly through the app. Small businesses are eligible to sell their products directly, if they have a business account on Instagram.

Integrated with FB Messenger

A good feature that allows you to connect with your audience on both platforms FB messenger and Instagram through one application.

Instagram Stories

Free and simple way to make, edit and share interesting, informative and relevant content to engage more people to your business profile. You can upload live videos, recorded videos, music, photos and much more to draw attention to your brand.

Reels for Business Videos

Reels are short videos (not more than 15 seconds) that you can share with your followers. You can use it just like ads to introduce your brand with your followers. A really admirable feature that allows the small businesses to engage directly with customers.

IGTV for Marketing

Another great feature of Instagram, which gives you the ability to create videos up to an hour long. With some creativity you can use it for marketing purposes, for example presentations, Q/A sessions, tutorials, contests and much more.

Instagram Advertising Plan

Just like Facebook, Instagram also offers an advanced advertising program for business. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to boost your business posts, it could be a mind-blowing option for you.

Instagram Influencers

A unique idea by the platform. You can take help to boost your business posts by the people who have a strong following on Instagram. Of course, you have to pay for it, but it sounds cool than the typical way of advertising.

Overall, Instagram is a wonderful platform that provides you more chances to promote your business with or without an advertising budget. If you use it wisely, you can get the most out of your Instagram account.


  • Headquarter: San Francisco, California
  • Founded: March, 2006
  • CEO: Jack Dorsey
  • Monthly active users: 340 million

A powerful social media platform that invites you to raise your voice by providing a free and safe place for healthy communication on various topics. As well as allows you to share your ideas, opinions and knowledge with a wide community of millions of users. If we compare it to FB, Twitter is a bit different. Facebook allows you to contact mostly with family and friends in an easy way, instead twitter is a more powerful platform that enables you to interact with a large number of audiences belonging to various fields and professions. As they say,
Life’s not about a job, it’s about purpose.

To make your life more purposeful, the platform helps you grow your business with a strong advertising program. As well as its highly-engaged user base platform enables you to interact with a large number of customers in multiple ways.

Let’s explore more to know how twitter can help you grow your business?

Twitter Advertising Program

Twitter is a popular social media platform that helps its users promote their businesses and services with Twitter advertising programs. Specially designed to meet business needs and objectives. From getting more followers, to promoting your tweets, videos and other commercial content, Twitter advertising solutions enable you to create engagement with other strong users and brands in your industry. As well as facilitates you to achieve your targets in a reasonable budget.

Twitter Hashtags

Nowadays, hashtags are the most important part of social media marketing strategy. A great option that enables you to follow and participate in discussions about trending topics related to your field. Furthermore, you can use it for a service or offer from your company to reach new customers. It’s also a fantastic ability to keep yourself up to date about the latest developments in your business. If you use hashtags smartly, it can play a vital role to improve your brand’s visibility.

Twitter is a simple yet powerful Platform that can help you grow your business. If you come here with really informative, interesting and trendy posts, people don’t hesitate to share or retweet what you’ve written. In Fact, it’s a great platform that helps you to increase brand awareness in a systematic way.

After all, smart work is the key to success.


  • Headquarter: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Founded: June 2005
  • Co-Founder/CEO: Steve Huffman
  • Active users: 52M+
  • Monthly views: 50B+

One of the most popular social media sites with 100,000+ communities and millions of active users. The platform calls itself the “Front page of the internet” and it’s not just a claim. According to Similarweb, Reddit is the 9th most viewed site in the USA and the 19th world-wide.

Reddit is a social platform that gives you an opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. It is split out into various forums called sub-communities, or subreddits. You can choose anyone according to your interest, need or profession. Registered members can submit content as well as participate in discussions and voting or write comments on the others posts.

So, the most important Question – Why you should consider Reddit for your business?

Let’s find out!

Subreddits for Business and Entrepreneurs

Reddit is a perfect place to find a community that could be an ideal choice for your business. Whether you are looking for latest marketing trends, new business ideas or sales tips, options are available in Reddit hub. For example:

  • r/growmybusiness: A great place where members can share ideas for business growth, as well as discuss many other marketing concepts.
  • r/startups: It is another good forum for beginners, that helps the users by giving them information about what is needed to start a successful business.
  • r/ladybusiness: The forum is especially working for all the talented lady entrepreneurs out there to discuss all about their business issues with other women.

There are many other subreddits for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is up to you, how smartly you use the platform to contact and engage with your customers.

Reddit Advertisements

Advertising on popular social media sites is an easy way to boost your business. That’s a reason, many marketers are actively advertising their products on Reddit. A good point about the platform is that it’s cheaper than Facebook and other similar social media sites. It means that you are able to get more traffic on your site in a comparatively low budget. If you’re interested in advertising your brand here, visit Reddit Ads Page for more details.

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Reddit is for sure capable of changing the way you work. Besides this provides you a brilliant chance to grow your business with thousands of business communities and a strong advertising plan in an affordable budget.


  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
  • Launched: May, 2003
  • CEO: Ryan Roslansky
  • Parent organization: Microsoft
  • Number of users: 756+ million

When LinkedIn was launched in 2003, who could have imagined that one day it would be considered one of the world’s leading professional networks. Today, it’s one of the most influential platforms, serving in around 200 countries. Basically, the main purpose of the platform is to connect the job seekers and employers to meet their job criteria. But it can do so much more to boost your brand.

Let’s find out how LinkedIn could be beneficial for any business.

Business Connections

LinkedIn helps you to contact other professionals and organizations in your field. Allows you to invite anyone and accept invitations from other fellows. A great way to keep up to date about the latest industry developments as well as provides you a great opportunity to build strong bonds with other industry decision makers.


Once you create strong connections with other fellows, recommendations are another good feature that can improve your brand credibility. If you ensure quality products and services from your brand, your connections can write recommendations for your profile, that would be really beneficial to boost your business.

LinkedIn Groups

A good facility by LinkedIn, that enables you to discuss and share new ideas and information about your field. A great way to contact, support and get knowledge from other group members.

Content Sharing

Platform allows you to post informative and relevant content, such as videos, images and even links to other sites. You can publish articles as well. Other users can share it. So, if you have a good writing ability, there is a good chance for you to build your brand image.

Advertising Solutions

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also offers advertising options. It is not as advanced as Facebook but still good. Enables you to boost your company profile. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s paid Recruiter plans and a premium career account gives you more options to find better opportunities to achieve your targets.

Today, LinkedIn is not just a job searching site. It has been changed into a powerful professional network, where industry leaders and business decision makers share strong content from job opportunities to company updates. A remarkable platform that enables the entrepreneurs and fresh graduates both to represent themselves in the business world according to international market standards.

Final Thoughts

If you want to grow your business with the power of social media, try to be active on at least these five platforms. Click anyone to know more about it.


Social media platforms are a good source to connect people to each other. Especially after the pandemic, old ways of business have been changed. Today it is not possible to grow a business without the power of online resources. That’s why it is very important to know how to use the power of social media sites for your business. Basically, the main aim of writing this article is to guide those people who want to know how to use social media sites for their small businesses. Hope, this guide would be helpful for you to get a proper idea about the importance of social media regarding marketing strategies.

However, if you think we should include a few more good platforms in our collection, let us know about it by leaving a comment below! We would love to add your recommendations in our upcoming articles. If you like this article, feel free to share it. As you know a Facebook / twitter share can bring more people to come together. That’s the real power of social media.

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