The 8 Best Free Email Marketing Platforms for Beginners

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and promote your blog. But it can be daunting to get started, especially if you’re on a tight budget. There are many articles written on email marketing platforms that work on WordPress and WooCommerce, but we’ll discuss email marketing platforms that will work on all types of website platforms.

If you’re just creating a website with WordPress, HTML5, Drupal, or Joomla, these will work on all of them. Similarly, our recommended platforms will help you send email on every e-commerce setup, no matter what it is: WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, or Magento. We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the eight best free email marketing platforms.

What is the best email marketing software for beginners?

1. Aweber

  • Free Subscriber limit: 500
  • Free Email sends: 3000/month

Aweber is one of the most user-friendly email marketing platforms for beginners. It allows you to create and send newsletters. You can grow your customer base, sell products and services, and engage with your audience all from a single platform.

With Aweber’s powerful segmentation and tagging features, you can easily keep track of who’s opening your emails, making purchases, and clicking on them, and take action accordingly. Aweber can help you create a plan for when to send emails to readers about your blog post. You can also use it to increase YouTube views and inform customers about new products in your e-commerce store.

Email automation allows you to send automated emails to your subscribers based on certain triggers, such as when they sign up for your list or make a purchase from your store. This can save you a lot of time by not having to manually send out each email yourself. Don’t forget to send out thank-you emails and resend emails to those who have not opened your previous emails. These can be automated with Aweber as well. And they can be very effective in keeping your customers engaged with your brand.

Web push notifications allow you to send push notifications directly to your website visitors’ browsers. This is a great way to re-engage visitors. Aweber’s email deliverability is world-class, meaning that emails sent through Aweber are more likely to reach the inbox than the spam folder. With Aweber, you can easily connect with Facebook, PayPal, WordPress, Shopify, Blogger, Elementor, and Gumroad to help you run your business more efficiently.

Drag-and-drop eMail Builder

The drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to create professional-looking emails without any design experience. Simply choose from a range of templates, then add your own content and images. You can also customize the colors and branding to match your company’s identity. Create high-converting dynamic pages for Google ads. You can connect your own domain for free or buy a new one from the Aweber dashboard. It offers a free, high-quality stock image library with unlimited image hosting. This is a great way to save money on your email marketing budget.

You can build a sign-up form directly on Aweber’s website and then embed it on your own. If you’re using WordPress, there’s also a plugin that you can use. Increase engagement with your subscribers by sending them personalized emails. You can create different email lists for different purposes and use Aweber’s email templates to design your emails. Use free Google Analytics to see the performance of your email campaigns, but for advanced analytics, you must buy a plan.

Ecommerce Integration

Aweber makes it easy to stay connected with your customers with its powerful email marketing tools. Create sales funnels to nurture your leads and convert them into sales. It can be done by sending out emails at different stages of the sales process, such as an initial email, a follow-up email, and a final email.

Ecommerce integration allows you to connect your Aweber account with your ecommerce store, making it easy to automatically add new subscribers to your list when they make a purchase. This can help you grow your list quickly and efficiently. You can set up a payment plan and collect payments from your subscribers. Set up automatic billing in the currency of your choice, making it easy to do business with customers in different parts of the world. Remember that the Plus plan, which starts at $20 per month, has low transaction fees of 0.6%. Free plans, on the other hand, have 1% transaction fees. It can certainly make selling physical and digital products more affordable.

Aweber allows you to boost your sales and improve your customer relationships by sending upsell, cross-sell, and abandoned cart emails to your customers. These emails are designed to encourage customers to buy more from you.

Free Expert Migration Service

The Aweber migration services help you move your email list and campaign to their platform. The entire process usually takes 6 business days or less, and their migration service is 100% free. They will transfer over all of your existing lists, tags, subscribers, up to 3 email templates, current sign-up forms and landing pages, campaigns, and automations. This service saves you time and gives you peace of mind because everything is handled by Aweber’s expert team.

And finally, Aweber helps you stay in touch with your audience long after they’ve made a purchase. With Aweber’s customer service tools, you can easily reach out to customers with answers.

2. Benchmark Email

  • Free Subscriber limit: 500
  • Free Email sends: 3500 emails/mo.

BenchmarkEmail offers a free, forever plan with no credit card required. There are some limitations on the free plan, including only being able to send 3500 emails per month and not having access to some of the more advanced features. But it is still a great option for those just getting started. They provide 1 GB of free image gallery storage and unlimited storage in their premium plans. Create a free signup form that matches your website’s look and feel, and it’s easy to add to your site. Plus, with A/B testing, you can try out different versions of your email. Test different subject lines, send times, email designs, and contents to see what gets the best results.

The eCommerce blocks make it easy to add text, images, videos, dividers, and buttons to your email campaigns. You can promote your products and services to your subscribers. A dedicated IP monitors your results and ensures that your emails reach your customers’ inboxes. Through forms, surveys, and polls, you can collect data and feedback from your audience. With a wide variety of email templates, ecommerce newsletter themes for every occasion, and an HTML editor, you can easily create engaging emails. And if you’re not satisfied with the templates available, you can always create your own.

AI Generate eMail Content

If you’re looking for a way to generate new ideas for your email marketing content, consider using AI tools. With Benchmark’s email marketing platform, you can use AI-powered smart content generation tools to create beautiful, responsive emails that engage subscribers and nurture leads. It can help you personalize your content for different segments of your list. Plus, with 25 free credits in the free plan, you can get started without breaking the bank.

You can publish landing pages to your own subdomain, which allows you to keep your branding consistent across all of your marketing materials. Schedule your emails in advance. An inbox checker and reporting features help you create better campaigns. The inbox checker shows you how your email will look in different email clients, so you can be sure it will always look its best. And the reporting feature gives you detailed information about your campaign’s performance.


Benchmark One is a branch of Benchmark Email. You can do basic automations in BenchmarkEmail, but if you’re looking for a powerful marketing automation tool that can help you manage your customer relationships, BenchmarkONE is a great option. Plus, with the free plan, you can get started with up to 250 contacts and 500 emails per month. We recommend BenchmarkEmail for bloggers because it is less expensive than BenchmarkONE. If you are selling something and your product is attracting a lot of customers, then you should go with powerful BenchmarkONE sales tools.

3. ConvertKit

  • Free Subscriber limit: 1000
  • Free Email sends: Unlimited

ConvertKit is one of the most popular email marketing platforms among bloggers and online entrepreneurs. And it’s no wonder why! ConvertKit makes it easy to create beautiful emails, automate your email marketing, track your results, and monetize your audience. ConvertKit has excellent deliverability rates, meaning that your emails are more likely to end up in your recipients’ inboxes instead of being caught in spam filters.

To start sending email, all you need to do is sign up for a ConvertKit account. Convertkit also has a very generous free plan. It is free to use for up to 1,000 subscribers. The Convertkit email marketing free plan allows you to send unlimited emails, create unlimited landing pages, and use unlimited form templates. You can also customize your domain, and the free plan allows for unlimited traffic. Additionally, you can send freebies to increase subscribers, and this is all an automatic system. An incentive is sent whenever someone fills out your form. Build an unsubscribe page, create custom email templates, and access an unsplash image library. Finally, you can use A/B split testing, conditional email content, and resend unopened campaigns.

Custom Field

You can write an entire email using HTML code or customize ready-made email content through HTML boxes. Convertkit’s responsive sign-up forms are some of the best in the business. They’re easy to use, and they look great on any device. Adding custom fields to your content is a great way to gather more information about your subscribers. Custom field are in the form of text, number, radio buttons, check boxes, drop down, and date. To create a clear call to action for your subscribers, you can choose the text, color, and size of your button. Once you’ve created your button, you can add it to any form.

Sell Your Products

Convertkit’s free email marketing plan allows you to sell products and accept donations for a transaction fee of 3.5% + 30c. You can also run paid newsletters and sell recurring subscriptions. Finally, you can set up tip jars.

When you’re first starting out selling digital products, it can be tough to know what email platform to use. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. Convertkit gives you all the tools you need to start selling digital products. Connect with a range of ecommerce tools so you can easily embed your digital products in your newsletter and receive payments for products from the Convertkit dashboard. Use filters to make sure you never send a product email to someone who has already bought it. You can easily create opt-ins and forms to collect email addresses from your customers.

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Convertkit sales dashboards are a great way to keep track of your sales data so you can see your sales progress. You can easily see how many sales you’ve made in a particular time and what products are selling well. Issue a refund with one click. Subscribers can buy with their debit cards, and you receive money in your bank account.

Convertkit also has a great customer service team, which is always available to answer any concerns. Their creators’ university provides training and support to ensure that users get the most out of the platform.

4. iContact

  • Free Subscriber limit: 500
  • Free Email sends: 2,000/month

iContact is a robust email marketing software that offers a wide range of features to help organisations and bloggers connect with their audiences. The platform offers a variety of customizable templates, making it easy to create visually appealing emails that align with your brand. It has the ability to segment contact lists and send targeted, personalised messages to specific groups of people. This allows businesses to create more effective campaigns and see better results.

Smart Sending

iContact’s smart sending feature uses machine learning algorithms and analytics to determine the best time to send an email to each individual recipient based on their engagement history. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that allows users to edit custom email themes easily and create professional-looking emails. Change the email design layouts without any coding experience. The editor allows users to add photos, videos, text in different fonts, buttons, and other design elements with an easy-to-navigate interface. Users can preview their emails before sending them out to ensure that everything looks correct.

The landing page feature allows you to create and customize pages to generate leads and promote your business. Another great feature of iContact is the ability to trigger emails based on preset conditions, such as when a customer makes a purchase or when a subscription is about to expire. This allows for personalized and automated communication with your audience, helping to improve engagement and conversion rates. Build your subscriber list with unlimited free subscription forms. These forms can be easily customized and embedded on your blog. Additionally, iContact provides expert email design services that include message creation, fixing custom design template layouts, delivery optimization, and marketing strategy.

iContact Free Plan

The free plan includes 500 contacts and 2,000 sends per month, allowing beginners to start using email to benefit their businesses. It includes a free, single-hosted landing page. It comes with free reporting functionality that allows you to track the performance of your landing pages. The free plan also includes a stock image library, which provides access to a wide range of high-quality images that can be used in emails and landing pages. The in-line photo editing feature allows you to edit and enhance images directly within the platform. The free plan also includes A/B split testing, which allows you to test different elements of your emails like the subject line, CTA links, and graphics to see which perform best. Multiple users and smart sending features come with premium plans.

Like other email marketing platforms, iContact offers a variety of integrations to enhance its functionality. Some of the popular integrations that iContact offers include Shopify, WordPress, Live Chat, PayPal, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and other customer relationship management platforms. It also offers an API that lets businesses integrate iContact with their applications.

5. EasySendy

  • Free Subscriber limit: 2,000
  • Free Email sends: Unlimited

EasySendy is an email marketing platform designed to help marketers create, manage, and track email campaigns with little technical expertise. Starting a new email campaign with EasySendy is easy and straightforward.

First, you’ll need to sign up for a free account with EasySendy. Then, you’ll be able to access the platform’s various features and tools. You can create a list of contacts to whom you want to send unlimited emails without paying any fees. You can import your contact list or add contacts manually. Once you have your list of contacts, you can segment them into different groups, allowing you to send targeted, personalized messages to specific groups of people. Once your subscriber list crosses 2000, you need a pro plan.

Responsive Popup Forms

The responsive popup forms are designed to appear on a website as a pop-up window, typically triggered by a specific action, such as a user scrolling through a page, spending a certain amount of time on the website, or exiting the website. You can include different fields such as name, email, and phone number. With searchable custom fields, you can easily search and filter your email lists based on specific criteria. It offers the ability to add reCAPTCHA to your website’s pop-up forms. This helps to prevent spam and improve the security of your email list. Additionally, businesses can create subscribe and unsubscribe forms, which make it easy for users to sign up for or opt out of your email list.

Cons of EasySendy

A high-quality newsletter box is possible with the EasySendy forms library, which enables businesses to create and manage a variety of pre-designed email forms rather than starting from scratch. But one of the cons of EasySendy is that the free plan does not include access to the library of professional web subscriber form templates. If you already have a template, it has the ability to upload email templates. Another limitation of the free plan is that it does not include access to the platform’s behavior-based email follow-up automation and lead magnet builder features.

While EasySendy does offer a wide range of features for businesses on paid plans, an advanced and rich email verification feature ensures that the email addresses on their list are accurate and valid. This includes email address syntax validation, domain validation, and email address existence verification. EasySendy also allows users to add emojis to their emails, which can help make the emails more engaging and eye-catching. The automation builder includes pre-defined triggers and actions, such as a user visiting a specific page, which can be used to trigger an email. Additionally, the drip email automation feature allows users to set up a series of emails that are sent out at specific intervals, such as immediately after a user signs up for an email list or a day after a purchase. This allows businesses to grow leads and build relationships with their customers over time.

6. GetResponse

  • Free Subscriber limit: 500
  • Free Email sends: 2,500

When you visit the GetResponse website, their price table shows only the Pro plan; however, once you create a GetResponse free account, you can use it for up to 500 subscribers for free. Whatever your business is, whether you run a restaurant, bank, real estate company, entertainment industry, or affiliate website, GetResponse gives you the ability to create special sales pages for email campaigns. You can use these pages to promote products, events, and affiliate links. GetResponse offers a wide range of products that can help businesses improve their online marketing efforts, including email marketing, website building, landing pages, segmentation, marketing automation, SMS marketing, web push notifications, and conversion funnels. The platform also offers autoresponders, which can automatically send pre-written emails to subscribers based on certain user actions.

Website Builder

GetResponse is different from other email marketing software because it also provides an AI-powered website builder. So, you can create a complete website with GetResponse. The free plan provides 5GB of bandwidth with email marketing functionality. The ability to choose a free subdomain or connect your own, free SEO tools, and SSL certificates are included with the website builder. That means if you buy the GetResponse plan, which costs $16/month, then you don’t need to buy hosting.

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Lead Generation Process

GetResponse’s automated lead generation helps businesses easily generate leads. The feature includes a code-free creator, which allows users to create forms, landing pages, and popups to capture leads without any technical skills. A popup will be triggered when your website is loading. And you can define a condition for when the newsletter with custom fields appears. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of predesigned templates that can be customized to match a business’s style. GetResponse offers several additional features that can enhance a business’s lead generation process, including web push notifications, live chats with users in real-time or on their schedule, and text message automation. Keep in mind that the SMS feature is available on the Max plan, which has a custom price.

The system assigns scores to leads based on their engagement levels, and it automatically removes contacts that have a low score and have not engaged with the business’s content for a certain period of time. This helps businesses keep their lists clean and focus on leads that are more likely to convert.

Connect your Paid Ads

GetResponse’s paid ads feature allows businesses to manage their entire advertising campaign in one place. To start using Google Ads, you’ll need to connect your Google Ads account to your GetResponse account. Once the connection is established, you’ll be able to start creating and managing your Google Ads campaigns directly from your GetResponse account.

Integrations Leading eCommerce Platforms

GetResponse offers one-click integrations with leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, and WooCommerce. Drive sales using quick transactional emails. It helps streamline the email marketing process by allowing businesses to easily send order and subscription confirmations, trigger abandoned cart emails, and send receipts. Your goal of increasing subscriber engagement and retention is achieved by embedding banners and sending coupons with a countdown timer to your subscribers.

With GetResponse, businesses can create product lists and assign images, pricing, and descriptions to each product. This information can be used for product recommendations for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Businesses can use GetResponse’s ecommerce automation features to increase revenue by automatically sending follow-up emails to customers who have purchased digital products.

It’s ability to easily connect to popular payment processors, such as Square, BlueSnap, Stripe, PayU, and king of payments PayPal. With these payment processors, businesses can easily process payments and manage refunds directly from their GetResponse account. This eliminates the need to switch between different platforms and simplifies the process of managing payments. Additionally, businesses can use GetResponse’s analytics and reporting tools to track and analyze transaction data, such as revenue generated, number of transactions to make data-driven decisions to optimize their ecommerce strategy.

The customer support is available 24/7, and the team is knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful. The platform also offers a wide range of resources, including video tutorials and a comprehensive knowledge base, to help users get the most out of the platform.

7. MailChimp

  • Free Subscriber limit: 500
  • Free Email sends: 2500/month and 500/day

Mailchimp is one of the best free email marketing platforms for beginners. Its user-friendly interface and array of features make it easy for new users to navigate and create effective email campaigns. The platform offers a variety of templates with a drag-and-drop editor, making it simple to design emails to suit your business needs.

One of the most notable features of Mailchimp is its automation capabilities. With the platform’s automation tools, you can set up personalized email campaigns that reach the right people at the right time. Additionally, you can use Mailchimp’s segmentation tools to create targeted lists and send targeted campaigns to specific groups of subscribers.

Mailchimp also offers a robust analytics and reporting system, which allows you to track the performance of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions. You can track opens, clicks, and conversions, as well as see which campaigns are driving the most revenue for your business.

eMail Optimizer

The email content optimizer feature uses AI algorithms to analyze the performance of past campaigns and suggest personalised content and subject lines that are most likely to resonate with your audience. Mailchimp allows you to perform split testing on different subject lines, which can help you identify the best subject line to use for your campaigns. The subject line helper takes into account factors such as the length of the subject line, use of punctuation, emoji, and the use of power words. The tool analyzes the last five email subject open rates. The content optimizer also suggests a layout for the email content, which can help you get a clear idea and create your campaign with minimal effort.

Like GetResponse you can also develop complete website in Mailchimp. It integrate website builder that offers a free plan with unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificate, and free Mailchimp domain. It also has a built-in signup form, pop-up forms, and survey capabilities. You can use the Mailchimp to connect your store to QuickBooks, Yelp for Business, SimpleTexting, and more.

Creative Tools

Mailchimp integrates with a range of creative tools like Playable, Giphy library, Canva and Outgrow, allowing you to create more dynamic content for your email campaigns. With these integrations, you can bring your creative ideas to life and deliver a truly unique experience. Mailchimp also integrates with Adobe Photoshop, allowing you to create and edit images directly within the platform.

Share a variety of files with your contacts, including audio or video files, images, documents, and spreadsheets. Image file size should be under 1mb and all other supported format file size should be under 10mb. This feature makes it easy to share important information, such as product demos, tutorials, or presentations, directly with your audience.

Welcome Email

You can set up a welcome pop-up form for new visitors, which can help increase sign-ups and engagement. It has the ability to automatically send an email to a new subscriber when they sign up. This could include a welcome email with a special offer or a personalized message. Another feature is to celebrate customer birthdays and send personalized birthday messages, which can increase customer loyalty.

Mailchimp also has the ability to promote cross-sell opportunities by sending sales emails with a promo code based on a customer’s purchase history. With predicted demographics, you can segment your audience based on gender and age. You can collect customer feedback through surveys. Additionally, you can use the location and other profile information to optimize your campaigns. It has the ability to suggest new items to subscribers. Send automated follow-up emails after a purchase. This can help increase sales by promoting relevant products to interested customers. Additionally, Mailchimp also allows you to send targeted campaigns to returning customers to encourage repeat business.

Mailchimp’s marketing CRM (customer relationship management) is a powerful tool that allows you to manage and grow your email campaign from day one. It provides a centralized location for storing and organizing customer data, including purchase history, email engagement, and other user behaviors. It encourages customers to leave reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot. This information can be used to create strong relationships with your customers.

8. Smartrmail

  • Free Subscriber limit: 1000
  • Free Email sends: 5000/month

SmartrMail is a comprehensive email marketing solution that is designed to help businesses grow and reach their full potential. They have all of the email features that we defined for the other companies above. In addition to email marketing, SmartrMail also offers SMS marketing capabilities, giving businesses the ability to reach their customers on multiple channels. You can send business SMS to the US, Canada, and Australia only if you have a valid phone number for those countries. Use SMS templates to update your suppliers and customers. The SMS plan includes SMS campaigns, SMS automations, SMS analytics, and SMS segmentation. SMS services are not free, so you need to buy SMS credits, which cost you $10 per month for up to 1000 text messages.

A large portion of email is opened on mobile devices. So, it is important to send promotional emails or simply communicate with your customers through a mobile-friendly newsletter. Mobile email marketing is a key part of your marketing strategy, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to get right.

Smartrmail is fast, intuitive, and easy to use. The newsletter is deeply mobile optimized, so it looks good and works well on any device. You can make an email campaign that reaches your target audience quickly and efficiently.

The subscriber list migration is also a breeze with SmartrMail, which is free. Their email marketing experts will use their years of experience and expertise to recreate your existing automations in SmartrMail’s automation builder. They will handle the transfer of all your subscriber data, including names, email addresses, and any other important information, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your valuable data.

Improve Customer Engagement

With SmartrMail tracking capabilities, businesses can see what products customers are viewing, what they are purchasing, and what types of emails they are engaging with. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized product recommendations. Whether you’re looking to increase blog traffic, improve customer engagement, or simply provide a better customer experience, SmartrMail has the tools and features you need to succeed.

When people start to slip away, it’s time to send out your winback emails. Your winback emails should be personal and focus on offering a specific conversion action. Use strategies such as auto-sending a new product email, a new blog post email, sending an exclusive coupon to a customer, or sending a freebie deals email to get creative with your emails.

SmartrMail allows businesses to create HTML emails using its visual editor, which makes it easy to add any design elements without needing to know HTML code. Insert product images, descriptions, and responsive button links in just a few seconds. The visual editor also makes it simple to create custom templates and save them for future use. It has the ability to edit headers and footers and add tags, text, and animation for design changes. In addition to its visual editor, SmartrMail also provides access to its HTML code. So, businesses with more advanced design needs can make custom changes to their emails.

Free Plan with Advance Features

The SmartrMail Free plan is a great starting point for businesses that are just beginning with email marketing. The restrictions with the free plan are that businesses can manage up to 1,000 subscribers, send up to 5,000 emails per month, and only send up to 12 emails per subscriber per month. Despite being a free plan, businesses still have access to advanced features like automations, segmentation, and eCommerce features, such as post-purchase and up-sell emails. The plan also includes access to a variety of newsletter themes. If you need unlimited emailing, you can upgrade to the unlimited plan.

Email marketing is a huge part of our modern lives and one of the best ways to grow your business. In this article, we’ve looked at the eight best free email marketing platforms for beginners. If you have any questions, please ask a question or write a comment. Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you again soon.

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