Cloudways is the best managed cloud hosting platform to host your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, PHP, Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce websites. There are superb cloud service providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Every server’s cost is different, as is the configuration, but it is easy to use. You can always contact customer service for installation. Well, there are many reasons to choose Cloudways hosting. It has so many features, like a dedicated environment, built-in advanced caches, and fulfilling all your HTTPS requirements for free. Create a website or app and turn on clouds for growing businesses. Use the industry’s best servers, like Digital Ocean, Amazon, and Google.

With a vast network of 60+ global data centers, Cloudways ensures a robust and reliable infrastructure to support your hosting needs. Their data centers are in Sydney, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Toronto, Bangalore, London, Singapore, and San Francisco. This extensive geographical coverage not only enhances the accessibility of your websites but also contributes to lower latency and faster response times for your users worldwide. Furthermore, their commitment to regular security patching underscores their dedication to maintaining a secure and resilient hosting environment. This proactive approach helps safeguard your data and applications, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

4 Cloudways Promo Codes

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15% Off All Platform 3 Month Hosting at CloudWays

Whether you’re launching a website or upgrading your current hosting, this coupon allows you to enjoy premium services at a cheap price.

$30 Free Credit on WooCommerce Hosting at CloudWays

Seize the opportunity to experience Woocommerce hosting performance with free credits.

Cloudways Domain Registration

While Cloudways is great for hosting, it’s important to note that it doesn’t directly provide domain hosting services. To address this limitation seamlessly, we recommend opting for third-party domain registration. Among the various reputable options available, NameSilo stands out for its simplicity and efficiency in the registration process. By choosing NameSilo for your domain needs, you can smoothly integrate your domain with Cloudways, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience. This way, you get the best of both worlds: reliable hosting with Cloudways and straightforward domain registration with NameSilo.

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Exclusive Cloudways Offers

If you decide to get hosting from Cloudways, don’t wait for Black Friday deals. You should be happy to see that NewOfferSee already offers a lot of discount codes. Grab exclusive Cloudways offers and, without any complexities, host unlimited websites on dedicated hardware with excellent uptime.

Cloudways coupon code

SSD Hosting

Start your profitable website on cloud hosting with CloudWays. It provides SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting, which is 3x faster and reduces page load times. From a simple site to an online store or a big enterprise website for high-traffic sites, Cloudways is the leader for everyone. Get robust website performance; solid-state storage stores are fast to read and write data with advanced caching mechanisms.

Without reliable and highly secured hosting services, your website can’t achieve high rankings, even if you have good and unique content. Enabling Redis to deliver expedited responses improves database performance. SSH and SFTP allow you to securely access servers to update folders and files and upload data to them.

Good host for heavy-traffic websites. There are a lot of hosting companies on the market, but only a few of them are credible. If we talk about the top cloud hosting companies, Cloudways is one of them. Cloudways is the most trusted name and has earned a great response in the world of cloud hosting. Yes, you host two or more sites. If all of your site traffic is 40K/month, then a 1GB server is good; otherwise, you need to upgrade your plan.

Free Staging Environment

Cloudways also has a staging environment, which is privately used for testing purposes. Useful one-click cloning, where you can easily create a duplicate of your website. You can also create multiple staging applications. Check for new codes, plugins, or themes without placing them in your active store. You can clone entire servers or individual sites on new staging URLs.

Before launching new ideas or products for the public, test new features. Make sure all errors are removed. When satisfied, apply these codes to your live website. You can synchronize the changes you make between the staging and live website using push and pull operations. Any deleted file in the staging environment will not be deleted on the live site. Your website will be bug-free, and visitors will never experience any site errors. This function is essential for all businesses. Many web hosting services and plugins have pricing plans for staging services, but Cloudways provides a completely free staging solution on the same server. Keep your website up and running with super hosting speed.

Server Price & Size

Get hosting with a free trial without a credit card. The lowest priced server is Digital Ocean, whose price starts at $14/month. Google cloud platform prices start at $38 and Amazon web services at $39/month. Before choosing any hosting plan, you should know your website’s requirements. Not all the websites need the same plan. If you start your own blog or e-commerce site, then in the early stages you don’t need a large server. You can be working on site SEO, and if, after 4 months, your site traffic increases, you can easily upgrade your plan. As your site becomes more popular, you can increase your server size. Without affecting your website’s performance, you can increase RAM, processor, bandwidth, and storage as per your requirements.

Breeze – Top Free WordPress Cache Plugin

The best solution to make your WordPress site and WooCommerce store run at rocket speed is to install the free Breeze cache plugin. Breeze enhances your WordPress experience. Premium features at zero cost include Gzip compression, minification and grouping, file exclusion, pre-installed varnish cache, and optimizing and cleaning up databases. Breeze improves the response time of the databases, making it the customer’s first choice.

Usually, cloud hosting is expensive, but Cloudways gives you a hosting platform at an affordable price with great functionality. Server response time is an important factor in determining your site’s performance. Cloudways hosting gives excellent server response, so you get fast loading speeds. If you use the Breeze cache plugin, you can decrease your website’s loading time.

Best Hosting with Free Credits

Create your free hosting account by pressing the START FREE button on the home page. You will not be charged during the trial period. Register with DigitalOcean, LinkedIn, GitHub, or your email. Enter your sign-up information. In the last column, press Got a promo code? and enter your free credit promo code. The green check mark that appears means you have an exclusive discount code that is working. Click I agree with the Cloudways.

For your security, verify the Cloudways account by email address and phone number. After verifying, you can use Cloudways servers to host your websites. To add your billing information, click on the profile icon located on the top right bar, select your account, and then click the Credit Card link. This authorizes your billing information for complete access to the Cloudways Platform. $1 will be charged for verification purposes. After successfully granting authorization, click on the funds section, and if you use a free credit coupon, Free Fund will automatically be added to your Cloudways account. That’s it! Now you are ready for the best cloud hosting with a discount. You can also add more funds to your hosting account via credit card or PayPal by selecting Add Funds. You can pay all hosting invoices using the available funds.

Cloud Hosting with Free SSL Certificate

For security purposes, you buy an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP on another hosting service. And this is not the only time; you also renew services every year. The big advantage of Cloudways managed cloud hosting servers is that they come with a free lifetime SSL certificate and a free dedicated IP. So approximately, you save $100+ every year on Cloudways.

Cloudways provides top-notch and affordable cloud hosting to create your WordPress websites, e-commerce stores, or blogs. You can select any cloud server RAM, processor, storage, bandwidth size, and server location according to your needs. Supports all PHP scripts or apps.

If you are not sure, you do not even need to pay the full plan price. On other hosting, you pay yearly, and if you are not satisfied after paying fees, your money will be lost, but this is not the case with Cloudways. You will pay monthly. If you are still not satisfied and cancel your plan, then Cloudways charges you hourly.

Backup & Restore Website

Whatever platform you use to develop your website, Cloudways makes everything easier for you. You don’t need any plugins. Within managed hosting, you can save your entire website to an offsite location. All content and database backups can be restored and even reverted with one click.

Get Started Free

When searching for reliable hosting, it’s very difficult to select the right one, especially for users who are creating their first website. All hosting companies advertise their products as superior service providers in the market. Some hosting companies offer very low prices for the first year, even under $30 per year. After payment, if you aren’t satisfied with their server performance, you lose money, time, and ranking. Don’t like other web hosting services; here at Cloudways, you don’t pay initially. You start using free cloud hosting resources and pay only when you satisfy the service.

24/7 Customer Support Service

The company started business in Malta, Europe. On August 23rd, 2022, DigitalOcean takes over Cloudways. It has great customer support. You can contact us 24/7. You can also request a call. With a huge knowledge base, you can also see the Cloudways blog, which covers all the latest information about website technologies.

Secure Cloud Hosting for Ecommerce

If you have an e-commerce store, then Cloudways makes the process easier for you and provides secure cloud hosting. When you start an online store, you first establish your online brand. Users can trust your brand and make leads or conversions. It’s very important for your business to invest in security features. Cloudways built-in secure shopping carts improve website security with a trusted certificate.

Cloudways hosting is reliable and keeps your data safe from cyberattacks, including DDOS attacks. Dedicated firewalls filter out harmful traffic, protecting your Cloudways servers from unauthorized access. Regular updates to the operating system and firmware add an extra layer of security, preventing vulnerabilities and ensuring your server performs securely. Additionally, there’s an added security measure for your Cloudways account with two-factor authentication, enhancing the safety of your information.

In cloudways, your site is equipped with the latest technologies, including multiple PHP versions, Apache, Nginx, HTTP/2 enabled servers, MySQL, and MariaDB, to maximize server and app performance and quickly load all elements of your store. Online users get a good experience when finding the desired product without slowing down page speed.

If your budget is low and you are looking for cheap and high-performance cloud web hosting, we recommend Cloudways. Before adding payment details, use Cloudways coupon codes for even more savings. If you don’t have the technical expertise, a managed hosting service will save you time on server installation and allow you to focus more on your store’s marketing.

Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Install any plugin or theme on a managed WordPress hosting platform. Fast speed through advanced caching and the latest PHP servers give you full control. When you host on Cloudways, you will have the freedom to securely access SSH and SFTP to update folders and pages. The Cloudways cPanel is different from the shared hosting cPanel. The interface is user-friendly, and you can set up the project on high-performance WordPress hosting in minutes. Manage the services, like the database, and increase the server size through seamless vertical scaling. All cloud WordPress hosting plans come with dedicated firewalls, auto-healing servers, unlimited application installation, regular security patching, a built-in CDN, 24/7 real-time monitoring, etc.

Every site owner wants to improve their website’s performance. If you are searching for a reliable hosting solution for WordPress, then Cloudways is the best blazing-fast and untroubled managed hosting choice. In addition to WordPress, you can easily manage and fully configure a WooCommerce site using cloud infrastructure services with a few clicks.

Free Plugin for Hosting Migration

If you are facing problems with other hosting companies, then transfer your site to Cloudways. It’s a free migration with no downtime and no bugs. If you have a WordPress site, then use the Cloudways free WordPress migration plugin. Simply talk to Cloudways, and they can easily migrate your website from any hosting company to cloud hosting.

Choosing the best cloud hosting provider is not an easy task. Especially if you’re searching for hosting for the first time. You have little knowledge, and you are confused about whether your website or application is running smoothly. You have a lot of technical thoughts, but within the free trial, you have a dummy URL. So you check your website and hosting performance. Dreaming about growing your online business in the new year? Gear up for a cloud hosting upgrade plan with a Cloudways coupon code. Get access to a more powerful hosting infrastructure and start working on a new website. We do hope that you have enjoyed the hosting experience, and we are very excited to show you what discounts we have in store for you.

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Cloudways reseller hosting is a great choice for your agency clients. Plans start at just $9 per month, making it affordable. You can resell hosting with Cloudways to make more money regularly. Cloudways is flexible and reliable, allowing you to sell web hosting with confidence and make a good profit. Unlike other providers, every Cloudways plan includes unlimited sites and apps. It’s a smart and cost-effective hosting solution for your clients.

What is DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and AWS?

How do Cloudways work? What is the difference between Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and AWS? are the questions when first visiting Cloudways. Your application or website speed is largely dependent on the hosting infrastructure. DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and AWS are infrastructure or web servers that cloudways quickly configure so you can easily manage your application. Many hosting providers have default web servers and do not give the option to select servers. According to your needs in Cloudways, you have the choice to select hosting servers and preferred locations. You can also change servers in the future without disturbing your site.

Make sure to enter a voucher code when registering an account to save money. Cloudways don’t have traditional cPanel, as you see in shared hosting. The Cloudways platform offers its own management system. To manage files, you can easily access your website’s data through third-party clients such as Filezilla, PuTTY, etc.

It is truly going to be an amazing hosting experience! Cloudways offers discounts from time to time for users who are not buying due to budget. Currently, Cloudways does not offer any discounts, but as an official partner, we provide all verified Cloudways promo codes, including site-wide and specific platform discounts. We also offer free Cloudways hosting credit coupons. So you start your business with $0, and when satisfied, you pay as you go!

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